Duke University MMS Kunshan University Program

The Duke University MMS Kunshan program continues to expand, now offering a one-year (10 months) masters  in management studies degree, taught both on the main Durham, NC campus as well as at the Duke Kunshan University in China. A truly great opportunity for a global educational experience.

Georgetown Master in Finance Program Visit

I apologize for my delay in writing this as I have been really busy recently. A couple of weeks ago I went to DC to tour the Georgetown Master in Finance program and see for myself the experience that students have and meet with people in admissions.

MSF Advice for International Students

I receive countless emails from international students asking about which Master in Finance program they should attend and what the employment opportunities are for them upon graduation. This is a very relevant and important question considering the state of the financial sector in the US as well

University of Rochester NYC MS in Management Update

The University of Rochester NYC MS in Management program is relatively new, but I have some updated information to post regarding the program. It is one of the few MS in Management programs offered in New York City and the Simon Business School is a great brand and

London Business School MSF 2013 Placement Stats

The London Business School MSF is one of the premier programs in Europe and continually place graduates into someone of the best firms in top notch positions. The 2013 career report is out and I felt it was time to post an update regarding these amazing placements.

University of Notre Dame MS Business Update

The University of Notre Dame MS Business is a one year degree for non-business majors. This is a perfect opportunity for anyone who decided late in their career that they wanted to break into the business world, but need a world class education to help them do

Imperial College London MSF Program Update

The Imperial College London MSF Program is a popular university for those overseas and within the US. With great placements year in and year out, as well as being located in the international financial capital, Imperial is a tough school to beat. I’ve decided to try and

Loyola Chicago MSF Program Update

I wanted to provide an update to the Loyola Chicago MSF program as Chicago has been increasingly on both my radar and perspective students. The Loyola program is located in downtown Chicago and provides students with a comprehensive finance education. Students can go full time or part

USC Master in Finance Program Update

I just received some updated information regarding the USC Master in Finance program. Looks like the programs popularity was underestimated by even me! Over 1,100 applications have been received, an amazing number for a first year program. Applications are still coming in so that number continues to

University of Illinois at Chicago Master in Finance Program

The University of Illinois at Chicago Master in Finance Program is a new addition to MSFHQ. The UIC MSF program is located in downtown Chicago making it a great option for anyone working in the city or looking to go to school while interning. This one year degree

Vanderbilt University MSF 2013 Employment Report

The Vanderbilt University MSF program is extremely popular among applicants every year as it is one of the best Masters in Finance programs in the country. With a very selective admissions process, Vanderbilt puts together an amazing cohort of ambitious and intelligent students, something that shines through

Baruch College Executive MSF Information

The Baruch College Executive MSF program is currently recruiting for their new class and I wanted to post some updated information regarding the program. This one year (11 month) masters in finance program provides a concentrated financial education with top flight placements. Classes meet all day Saturday, usually from

Niagara University Master in Finance Program

The Niagara University Master in Finance Program is another new program on the scene. This degree can be completed in a year with classes being held in the evening and on Saturday. Ideal for the working professional looking to increase their knowledge or skills, this degree can be

University of Miami Masters in Finance Program

The University of Miami Masters in Finance Program is a brand new entrant to the MSF space. I was extremely excited to see this announced as the University of Florida recently stopped admitting non-UF undergraduates into their Masters of Finance program. With this well known avenue closed,

University of Virginia MS Commerce 2013 Placements

The University of Virginia MS Commerce 2013 Placements have just been released with this marking the fourth year that the University of Virginia has has 95% or better placements within three months of graduation. These statistics indicate the quality of the program and the great things going on

Tulane University MSF 2014 Class Profile

The Tulane University MSF program has been kind of off the radar for a little bit. It seems as if they have revamped their program and increased the class size a great deal. The class is now 187 students, 95% of which are international. Not the ideal

UC San Diego Master in Finance Program

The UC San Diego Master in Finance Program is another great addition to the MSF landscape. California is a big financial market and until recently there haven’t been many master in finance programs for students to choose from. Well with the start of USC’s MSF, Santa Clara

Duke University MMS Program Placement Stats 2013

The Duke University MMS program just recently released their 2013 placement stats for the graduating class and they continue to impress. Duke has a well established masters in management program that has been placing students into a wide range of career paths for many years now. This

Vanderbilt University MSF Student Review #3

The Vanderbilt University MSF program is one of the top Master in Finance choices among applicants and interested students. Regretfully, I feel like I don’t feature it enough on my site. Well time to change that! I am lucky enough to have a brand new student review

University of Rochester New York City MSF Update

Just wanted to update everyone on the University of Rochester New York City MSF program. They are currently accepting applications on a as needed basis for their soon to start 2015 class so if you have any interest I would suggest making moves quickly. The next open

Georgetown University MSF Virtual Open House

The Georgetown University MSF program is holding a virtual open house for interested students to learn about the program and speak with Professor Eberhart and the admissions team. This is a great chance to get your questions answered by those directly in the know. It will be help February 4th,