Georgetown University MSF Program Update

The Georgetown University MSF program has an updated information page that I thought would be worth while posting. It has a couple videos that show you a behind the scenes look at the program and the technology that goes into it. I was privileged enough to see

MIT Master in Finance Program Events

The MIT Master in Finance program has listed their upcoming admission events for 2014 and I thought all of you would like to know. I think meeting an adcom in person and discussing the program is invaluable in your decision making process. MIT is really good about

Financial Times 2014 Masters in Finance Ranking

The Financial Times 2014 Masters in Finance Ranking has been released to much celebration and disagreement. I personally think the ranking is best for international programs (with a few caveats), but overall it is beneficial to the degree and helps increase awareness. I think rankings should be only

Wall Street Prep

About a week ago I was contacted by someone at Wall Street Prep asking whether this might be something people who read might site would be interested. I gave it some thought and think it really is. Many people looking to go into an MSF are doing

Vanderbilt University New Dual MSF/JD program

Vanderbilt University has just announced that they are starting a new joint masters in finance and law degree program this upcoming fall. This is a pretty exciting announcement as I believe this is the first program of its type (at least in the US). Considering how popular

MSF Article on Accepted

I am a little pumped today to say the least! My first podcast wen’t live today and I think it is a great overview on all things MSF related. My friend Linda Abraham over at conducted the interview and just posted it. We talked for around

London Business School Update

I wanted to post a quick update on the London Business School MiF program. The annual FT rankings just came out (I’ll post on that later this week) and the LBS MiF program has once again been ranked number one for post-experience programs. This is their fourth

Vanderbilt University MSF Student Review #4

The Vanderbilt University MSF program continues to produce talented individuals and I was lucky enough to get another one of these great students to review the program for my site and all of you to read. It is a pretty in depth review and the 4th for

Pacific Lutheran University MSF Program Update

The Pacific Lutheran University MSF program has been doing great things over the past couple of years since its inception. Just recently their MSF students placed first in the CFA Research Challenge and went on to compete in the regional finals. I competed in the CFA Challenge

Santa Clara University Master in Finance Program Student Review

  I was excited to report on the starting of the Santa Clara University Master in Finance Program a while back and I now have the first of many student reviews. This one comes from their first graduating class and it is very positive. California has been an

University of Rochester MS in Management Update – June

I just wanted to alert anyone interested that the University of Rochester MS in Management program is finishing up recruiting for their 2015 class starting in the end of July. This program is ideally suited for those more junior in their career and provides a great education foundation

Arizona State University Master in Finance Program

  The Arizona State University Master in Finance Program is brand new to the scene and indicative of the overall growth in the degree and interest among students. Previously ASU only offer a Masters in Management, but starting this year students can chose a concentrate finance education as

Georgetown University MSF Virtual Open House

The Georgetown University MSF is having an online information session for interested students. This is a very popular program among my readers and this is a great opportunity to learn more about the program and ask questions directly to the people who teach and run it. The

The Ohio State University Master in Finance Program Student Review #3

The Ohio State SMF program is very popular among my readers and I have thought highly of it since it started a few years back. Well another great year has passed and I am privileged to have a third review of the program. I think these are

University of Virginia Master in Commerce Student Review #3

The University of Virginia MS in Commerce program is one of the best specialized masters out there and students routinely ask me about it when we talk. I’ve been lucky enough to have another review from a graduating student to help any of you thinking about applying.

Bentley University MS in Finance Update

I wanted to provide an update on the Bentley University MS in Finance program as I recently spoke with the director of admissions. It is a well respected university and should be on the radar or anyone looking for a great Boston MSF program. The program allows

University of Rochester Update – May 2014

I just wanted to give everyone an update on the University of Rochester MSF/MSM program. They have a couple of open houses coming up for interested students and an fee waiver for qualified Master in Finance/Management applicants. Monday May 5, 2014  - 6:00 – 8:00 PM Kirkland &

University of Notre Dame Master in Finance Program

The University of Notre Dame Master in Finance Program is a brand new, one year MSF program located in downtown Chicago. This program is ideal for working professionals who are looking to advance their knowledge and skills, all the while becoming part of an amazing network of

Duke University MMS Kunshan University Program

The Duke University MMS Kunshan program continues to expand, now offering a one-year (10 months) masters  in management studies degree, taught both on the main Durham, NC campus as well as at the Duke Kunshan University in China. A truly great opportunity for a global educational experience.

Georgetown Master in Finance Program Visit

I apologize for my delay in writing this as I have been really busy recently. A couple of weeks ago I went to DC to tour the Georgetown Master in Finance program and see for myself the experience that students have and meet with people in admissions.

MSF Advice for International Students

I receive countless emails from international students asking about which Master in Finance program they should attend and what the employment opportunities are for them upon graduation. This is a very relevant and important question considering the state of the financial sector in the US as well