Georgetown University MSF Interview – Part 1 of 3

  MSFHQ and the Georgetown University MSF program have work together to present to all of you a 3-part interview with Georgetown Professor and Program Director Allan Eberhart. This interview marks the 5th year anniversary of the program launch and the continued success of the Georgetown program. I

Ohio State University MSF Update

  It has been a little while since I provided an updated on the Ohio State University MSF program and there have been a lot of changes. This was one of the older, more established programs and has always been one of the more popular MSF’s. The

Georgetown University MSF Info Session – February 26 @ 7PM ET

The Georgetown University MSF Program is having another information session. I know I didn’t give all of you much of a heads up for the last one so I wanted to make sure I posted something a couple weeks for the event. Below is a summary from

Georgia State University Masters in Finance Student Review #5

The Georgia State University Masters in Finance program has been incredibly responsive in helping find student reviews and other information for their MSF program. I think the reviews are very helpful whenever someone is considering to attend a program and the fact that this will be the

MIT Masters of Finance Admission Advice Video

The MIT Masters of Finance program is extremely popular with my readers and rightfully so. MIT’s reputation as one of the best schools in the country, including having a top ranked business school, make the program popular with both domestic and international students. The emails and messages I

Lehigh University Masters in Management 2017 Placements

Lehigh University just posted their 2017 placement report and it looks as if the program continues to grow and improve. I posted information in a previous post about the career outcomes for the 2016 class so it is nice to have this new report to compare and

Vanderbilt University 2017 MSF Employment Report

  The Vanderbilt University MSF program has some of the best placements in the nation, year in and year out. These placements are driven by what I consider the perfect combination of great academics, an admissions office that finds the best students and a career office that

Georgetown University Information Session – January 9th @ 7PM EST

The Georgetown University MSF program is having an information session today at 7pm EST. These are always a great way to get your questions answered, as well as see what other students are asking. The program does these a number of times a year, but this one

2018 Quantnet Masters in Financial Engineering Ranking

When it comes to Financial Engineering, Quantnet is the go to resource. The owner, Andy Nguyen, created Quantnet years ago with the goal of making it the number one place to go for anything related to the financial engineering degree. Himself a graduate of the Baruch MFE

American University Masters in Finance Update – January 2018

It has been a LONG time since I updated the American University Masters in Finance Program on this site and as part of my new years resolution, I want to refresh the content on the site and update everything. With that spirit, I dug into the American

Temple University Masters in Financial Engineering Update

  It has been a while since I last posted about the Temple University Masters in Finance Engineering program and I felt like it was time for an update. The university as whole has been growing, with the Fox Business School growing even more. Being in Philadelphia

Vanderbilt University Interview w. President & CEO of Nasdaq

The Vanderbilt University MSF Director of Admissions, Maura Clark, recently sat down and talked with the President and CEO of Nasdaq, Adena Friedman. They discussed launching a career, the financial services industry, and what she looks for in job candidates. This interview is really great and shows the

Lehigh University Masters in Management Program Update – November 2017

It has been a while since I posted an update on the Lehigh University MiM program and there has been some interesting stuff to report. The program has been around for a couple of years now and is really growing into its own. I continue to work

University of Utah Masters in Finance Update – November 2017

It has been about 6 months since I updated everyone on the University of Utah Masters program and in that time there have been some positive changes to the program. The Utah MSF has really been working hard to develop their offering for students and from what

Vanderbilt University MSF 2016 Placement Report

Vanderbilt University MSF has been one of the consistently best Master in Finance programs out there and this year they do it again. Highlights of the report show student satisfaction at an all-time high and the four-year employment average within 90 days of graduation is 98%. It truly

University of Virginia Masters in Global Commerce Student Review #2

The University of Virginia Masters in Global Commerce allows students to study across three continents and receive two degrees and a certificate, all over the course of a year.

University of Scranton Master of Science in Finance – Online

The University of Scranton Master of Science in Finance is another addition to the online masters in finance universe. There aren’t many online options for those looking to either study remotely or stay working with advancing their education. I think it is always good to have more

University of Iowa Masters in Finance Program Update

The University of Iowa Masters in Finance Program is updated and now accepting applications for this upcoming school year. I posted about a month ago about this great new addition to the MSF universe, but at that time there wasn’t too much known about the program (you

Georgia State University MSF Update – October 2017

The Georgia State University MSF has had some recent updated that I wanted to touch on. It is always great when a program updates and provides additional information as it adds to the materials available for students when they are making their MSF decision. Georgia State has been

University of Virginia Masters in Global Commerce Student Review

The University of Virginia Masters in Global Commerce program is pretty interesting as it allows students to earn two degrees and a certificate, from three universities (UVA, ESADE, and Sun Yat-Sen University). The program is ideal for those looking for a truly global experience and wanting to study around

Lehigh University Masters in Management Program Update

I featured the Lehigh University Masters in Management program on my site a couple months ago as a relatively new entrant in the specialized masters space. I have some familiarity with the school since it is in the Philadelphia region and I know they have a very