Babson College Masters in Finance

A reader alerted me to the brand new Babson College Master in Management in Entrepreneurial Leadership program. They are recruiting for their inaugural class scheduled to begin September 2014. This is yet another great, local Boston school offering a specialized masters degree. If you are interested in studying and working in Boston you have plenty of programs to choose from.


  • Two, 14-week semesters
  • Courses in marketing, economics, accounting, operations, management, finance, and strategy
  • Global learning experiences take place during the two breaks in the academic year (January and March) where students will see firsthand the impact of knowledge and skills both with individuals as well as organizations

Total tuition will be $48,000 for the one year program. Applicants will be eligible for scholarships as well. It is also open to non-business majors. This is helpful as liberal arts majors can sometimes be at a disadvantage in traditional Masters in Finance programs.

As more information on the Babson College Master in Management becomes available I will let you all know. If you are interested in Entrepreneurial studies, this should definitely be a program you check out.

Here is a link to the Babson College Master in Management in Entrepreneurial Leadership