The SDA Bocconi School of Management Master in Finance is not only one of the best in programs in Europe, but also the world. The degree is offered in both Italian and English, allowing international students who speak Italian, as well as English speaking students to study in Milan. It is also a CFA Partner Program which I consider the gold standard of MSF programs.

There are three areas of study that students can focus on as they work towards their degree. They are as follows:

  • Financial and Insurance Institutions Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Quantitative¬†Finance
SDA Bocconi also has some incredibly impressive placements throughout the world. Top recruiters, including all the major banks in Europe, recruit at the university and students should be able to find opportunities throughout the financial centers in Europe. This would be considered a “target” university for the financial sector.

Here is a link to the SDA Bocconi School of Management Master in Finance Program