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2018 Quantnet Masters in Financial Engineering Ranking

When it comes to Financial Engineering, Quantnet is the go to resource. The owner, Andy Nguyen, created Quantnet years ago with the goal of making it the number one place to go for anything related to the financial engineering degree. Himself a graduate of the Baruch MFE

2016 Financial Times Masters in Finance Ranking

The 2016 Financial Times Masters in Finance Ranking was just released and I am happy to say it continues to improve. There is a lot of room left to grow, but with that said, this is still the only major ranking of the masters in finance degree.

Investment Banking Interview Tips

I have a great guest post for everyone today. Patrick Curtis, founder of WallStreetOasis.com, was kind enough to send me a great write-up on interviewing for an investment banking position. This is one of the main jobs many MSF graduates seek and I thought it would be

Happy New Years from MSFHQ

Happy New Years Eve everyone. I wanted to write a post in reflection and also to look forward. Running Master in Finance HQ is an absolute pleasure and it is my honor to be able to help many of you make such an important decision. My resolution

Simon School of Business in NYC Update

Hey guys, I know it has been awhile since I posted an update. That is on me. I promise I will be more active on here. I just wanted to give all of you an update regarding the Simon School of Business MS in Finance program in

Application Tracker

I’ve been toying with some changes to the site and I just rolled one of them out. I get so many questions from users regarding where they stand compared with other applicants and I wanted to finally put something on my site that allows you to quickly

1,000,000 and Counting!

Hey everyone! Sorry for not updating recently. Things have been nuts on my end. I promise to get back at it now as I have a backlog of great updates for everyone. I wanted my first post back to be a thank you to all of my

Financial Times 2014 Masters in Finance Ranking

The Financial Times 2014 Masters in Finance Ranking has been released to much celebration and disagreement. I personally think the ranking is best for international programs (with a few caveats), but overall it is beneficial to the degree and helps increase awareness. I think rankings should be only

Wall Street Prep

About a week ago I was contacted by someone at Wall Street Prep asking whether this might be something people who read might site would be interested. I gave it some thought and think it really is. Many people looking to go into an MSF are doing

MSF Article on Accepted

I am a little pumped today to say the least! My first podcast wen’t live today and I think it is a great overview on all things MSF related. My friend Linda Abraham over at Accepted.com conducted the interview and just posted it. We talked for around

MSF Advice for International Students

I receive countless emails from international students asking about which Master in Finance program they should attend and what the employment opportunities are for them upon graduation. This is a very relevant and important question considering the state of the financial sector in the US as well

2013 Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking

The 2013 Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking has been released! While it is mainly focused on European programs I think it might be of some interest to some of my readers. I’d consider it an interest data point whether you are considering a management masters or want

2013 Financial Times Masters in Finance Ranking

The 2013 Financial Times Masters in Finance ranking has just been released! As it stands right now the FT is the only news agency currently ranking MSF programs. They divide their ranking by pre and post experience which is particularly relevant overseas. Here are the noteworthy US

Upcoming Master in Finance Program Application Deadlines

For all those still thinking about applying for a Master in Finance program, time is running out. Most of the programs are either nearing their final rounds of admission or going to rolling admissions while space is still available. Below are the deadlines and which programs still

How to Choose a Master in Finance Program

I am routinely asked questions regarding which master in finance program or which specialized masters program a person should choose and why. Since this seems to be a popular question among those researching these degrees I decided to write an article for Business Because on the topic.

Specialized Masters Article on The Wall Street Journal

  The specialized masters degree continues to gain attention which is a benefit to all of us. Melissa Korn just wrote a great piece for the Wall Street Journal talking about the degree as a possible alternative to the MBA. This makes sense and as more programs

Master in Finance Virtual Information Session

For everyone interested in learning more about the Master in Finance degree and other specialized business programs should check this online info session out. All of the MSF programs that students ask about will be include, such as Villanova, Washington University – St. Louis, Claremont McKenna, Ohio

Resume Review / Admissions Consulting

With the Master in Finance application season in full swing I wanted to put a post talking about some of the services I now offer. For many of you all you need is a little guidance which I am always happy to provide free of charge, but

IBanking Insider

IBanking Insider is another great website helping people break into investment banking and other careers in finance. I had the pleasure of speaking with one of the founders and was really impressed with their focus, materials and roster of people available to help those struggling to get

Building Financial Risk Management Applications with C++

I wanted to bring to all of your attention a great book authored by Dr. Robert Brooks, the Wallace D. Malone, Jr. Endowed Chair of Financial Management at The University of Alabama and program coordinator of the Master in Finance program. It is designed for students interested in

Developing Economies : Opportunities in Africa

Today we have a guest article by Kyomi Wade over at Business Because discussion the opportunities in Africa, one of the few remaining relatively untapped developing markets. I found it to be a pretty interesting read and very informative. I hope you all feel the same! ———————