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GMAC’s Spotlight on Specialized Master’s Degrees in Business

The Graduate Management Admissions Council just released their 2012 application survey and posted a great article discussing the specialized business degree, its growth and future prospects. For the 5th straight year, master in finance, master in accounting, master in management and other specialized masters programs have had increased application

Master in Finance Article on FINS

It is always great to see the Master in Finance degree get more press. I stumbled upon this recent article written by the talented Alina Dizik for FINS website. It features Vanderbilt, MIT and Ohio State, three very popular MSF programs and talks about placements, the newness of

Master in Finance Admissions Help

I get a lot of emails asking about Master in Finance admissions and application help. Well I found a great site that deals with just that. Accepted is an admissions consulting and application essay editing service. It’s their business to help you: Write right. Save time. Distinguish yourself from

Street of Walls

Breaking into investment banking isn’t an easy task. You need solid advice and sound preparation. This is where Street of Walls comes in. The website is the creation of three finance professionals, all of which work on the street in various banking and hedge fund firms. The

How much math do I need for an MSF program?

I asked this myself when I was looking at masters in finance programs and I know the thought must have come across many of your minds. MIT has a good summary of the level of math that you should be comfortable with. Suggested Mathematical Background Listed below

Finance Professor.com

  I just came across this financial blog called Finance Profession.com. It is by a finance professor at St. Bonaventure University. Right on the front page there is a great article debating the validity of CAPM with a link to Empirical Finance LLC. If you are interested in

MBA/Master in Finance – Speaker Panel

  There is an event coming up in Boston that I thought you all would be interested in. There is going to be some Master in Finance program discussions as well as general graduate school admission stuff. Check it out if you have the time. ————————————————— MBA/MS in Finance

Bionic Turtle

  I go to a lot of sites online for information pertaining to finance, but this is one of my favorites. Bionic Turtle has great forums, great instructional videos, get explanations, just great everything. If you are interested in the FRM, CFA, CAIA, etc, you simply must

Rotman Internation Trading Compeition 2011

The University of Toronto Rotman School has a yearly trading competition which brings together students from some of the best universities in the world.  It is a 3 day conference in Toronto, Canada for students to test our their trading skill in the Rotman schools trading simulator.

Great subtle Master in Finance mention

  I was on College Confidential today and someone posted a government outlook for the job title of “financial analyst”. This position deals with investments and finance (Wall Street stuff) and it mentions a typical career path as one involving a masters degree in business or finance. Here is

Bloomberg Assessment Test

Bloomberg is best know for their finance news and iconic terminals. They are now rolling out an assessment test for students to take, with the scoring being posted online for employers to look at. The idea is that this will give perspective hiring managers a tool to

MSc article on Business Because

  Business Because is a great, new site for anyone looking at or in a graduate business program. They feature programs from around the world and have articles discussing the world of business and academics. They routinely talk about various master in finance programs and I have

What to look for when choosing a Master in Finance program

  I get asked frequently what someone should look at when comparing different master in finance programs. Since things are kind of slow I figured I would put a post up on what I would look for in comparing programs. Hope this helps. What to look for

Benoit Mandelbrot has passed away

I am far from a mathematician, but I remember watching a special on PBS about fractals which I found fascinating. Here is a nice write up on him from the NYTimes. Anyone looking to get into a quant role will run into fractal math sooner or later. “Dr.

Mergers & Inquisitions

  Mergers & Inquisitions is a great site created by an ex-banker names Brian. It has been around for a while now and has provided top quality information related to breaking into investment banking. I recommend the site to anyone looking to get into the business, especially

Misc Information

I attended the Graduate Programs Career Fair at Syracuse University the other day and in between meeting some great students I had the opportunity to speak with a lot of schools about their Master in Finance offering. I found out some interesting things I think might be

Specialized Programs in Graduate Business

  The Specialized Programs in Graduate Business consortium is made up of schools offering the master in finance program, masters in management, masters in accounting, as well as other specialized business degrees. The consortium tours around the country, setting up events where students can meet with admissions

Things to look for when researching Master in Finance programs

Ok, well I am going to do some real blogging now that my mass onslaught of MSF schools have been posted. The MSF is a great degree, but it is also a unique degree. I think the first thing you have to do when you decide you

Fama and French

  These videos are from the American Finance Associations series, appropriately titled “Masters in Finance”. It includes a lecture taped at the University of Chicago with Eugene Fama giving a brief history of the efficient market theory. It was recorded in 2008, but is still relevant and

Mergers and Inquisitions

I just found out that this blog was mentioned in one of Mergers and Inquisitions recent articles. Needless to say I am honored. I have been an avid reader of his site for well over 3 years now and have purchase resume services as well as modeling

CFA vs. Masters in Finance

  The Master in Finance and CFA are often compared so I wanted to post about their differences and pros/cons. 1) MSF programs based of CFA materials I think this is a great idea and all programs should follow this. The CFA body of knowledge is epic