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Tulane University MSF Update – July 2015

The Tulane University MSF program was one of the original masters programs before the degree got very popular. Students sought out Tulane because of the schools reputation nationally, but especially within Texas and the South East. The program always placed very well within the energy industry and

Tulane University MSF in China

Tulane University has recently announced that they are partnering with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences to start an internationally focused masters in finance program. This is a great addition to their current MSF portfolio, with full time classes in New Orleans and part time classes in Houston.

Tulane University MSF 2014 Class Profile

The Tulane University MSF program has been kind of off the radar for a little bit. It seems as if they have revamped their program and increased the class size a great deal. The class is now 187 students, 95% of which are international. Not the ideal

Tulane University Master in Finance Student Review #4

The Tulane University Master in Finance program is consistently asked about and one of the more prominent universities that offer the MSF degree. I have been lucky enough to have students review the program in the past and here is a fresh, up to date perspective on

Tulane University Master in Finance Student Review #3

The Tulane University Masters in Finance program is very popular with my readers and I have posted numerous times about the program. Some of the most popular posts I put up on MSFHQ are student reviews, allowing readers to hear directly from students who are attending the

Tulane Master in Finance 2010-2011 Placements

A reader sent me the Tulane University Master in Finance  placement stats for 2010-11. They look strong which is what any potential student would want to see. My take away from this years report is a reinforced opinion that Tulane is a great program and one of

Tulane Master in Finance and M.Energy Materials

Tulane University has a very popular master in finance program that places well in trading and in the energy field, primarily in Texas. This popularity has led to the program deciding to increase and specialize their offerings, recently announcing a second masters program, , one being in

Tulane University Masters in Energy

I just got back from Houston and spoke with Joe LeBlanc  about the Tulane University Masters in Energy program that he is heading up at Tulane. Let me just say that I was extremely impressed.  The Tulane University Master in Finance has always been the go to masters

Tulane University Master in Finance Student Review

The Tulane University Master in Finance program is a popular program in the US. I routinely get questions from students about it and have had the privilege of receiving more than a few student reviews. Here is one I recently received. Hope it helps. —————- I am currently attending

Tulane University Masters in Energy

Tulane University  is rolling out their new Master of Management in Energy, which will begin in July 2011. The program is going to leverage Tulane’s deep connections with the energy community as well as their experience in the specialized masters space. The school has a $3MM finance

Tulane Master in Finance Information

I just finished speaking with a current Tulane student about the master in finance program they have and he gave me some great information. Hopefully this will help you out if you are looking into the program. —— Everyone at Tulane takes the same classes, except for

Tulane Masters in Management – Energy Finance & Trading

The Tulane University Masters in Energy Management program is intended to be a specialized, focused degree ideally suited for anyone looking to work in the energy industry. With their strong placements in the Houston/Texas area Tulane is a great choice for those who want to stay in

Tulane Master in Finance Student Review #2

Here is a brief student perspective on the Tulane University Master in Finance program. I am working on getting some more information on their new energy focused offering. If you want to be a trader, specifically in energy, this is probably the top choice. ———————————————————————————————– The Freeman

Tulane Freeman Days in NYC

Freeman Days is set up to allow for Tulane students (master in finance and others) the ability to network with financial professionals outside of New Orleans. There are two events, one in NYC and the other in Houston. This should give you an idea of the potential