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Vanderbilt University MSF Program Overview

I have written a lot about the Vanderbilt University MSF program over the years and I thought that it would be helpful to provide an updated summary of the program in one post for anyone trying to decide where to apply to. There have been a lot

Vanderbilt University MSF 15th Year Anniversary

The Vanderbilt University MSF program has hit an amazing milestone! The class of 2020 marks the 15th year that the school has been educating students and providing career advancement. This is really impressive as I remember years go when I first started researching masters in finance programs

Vanderbilt University MSF 2019 Placement Report

The Vanderbilt University MSF program is continually one of the best programs when it comes to employment outcomes (among other things as well). Because of this, the annual placement report is always eagerly anticipated by anyone considering applying to the program. Well the 2019 report was just

Vanderbilt University MSF Update – May 2019

  The Vanderbilt University MSF program continues to be very active with updates and news for prospective students. This time I saw a great posting talking about where the class of 2016 is now. I think this is great since we are about 3 years out from

Vanderbilt University MSF Update – April 2019

I have a few things to update everyone on the Vanderbilt University MSF program that were just sent to me. I think it should be very helpful for those admitted to the program and looking to make the most of your time at Vanderbilt or for those

Vanderbilt University Masters in Finance – Where is the Class of 2018 working?

The Vanderbilt University Masters in Finance program published a great article on their website discussing the 2018 placements and I found it very interesting. What is great is the fact that the school put together an interactive map, visually showing where all the placements were as well

Vanderbilt University Masters in Finance – Tips for Exploring MSF Programs

Vanderbilt University has been continually helpful when it comes to providing information for students researching the masters in finance degree, interviewing and applying to an MSF program as well as anyone trying to land a career post-graduating from their masters program. The program has done an incredible

Vanderbilt University MSF Update – THE/WSJ MSF Ranking

The Vanderbilt University MSF program has just been ranked by the Times Higher Education and Wall Street Journal as the number one Masters in Finance program in the world. This is a great honor and definitely attests to the quality and reputation the program has created over

Vanderbilt University 2018 MSF Employment Report

Vanderbilt University just released their early placement report for the class of 2018. It goes without saying that the program continues to build upon its past success. Placements are always great, year in and year out, and Vanderbilt did not disappoint this year. I will post again

Vanderbilt University MSF Update – July 2018

The Vanderbilt University MSF program has a bunch of new content coming in the next couple of months that I think all of you will find pretty exciting and informing. In the meantime, there is a bunch of new things that I want to write about to

Vanderbilt University MSF Podcast – Women in Finance

I was recently sent a great podcast done by the Vanderbilt University MSF program talking about women in finance and their efforts to encourage more women to look at this field of study and work. The podcast is hosted by Cherrie Wilkerson, Director of Vanderbilt Business’ MS Finance

Vanderbilt University 2017 MSF Employment Report

The Vanderbilt University MSF program has some of the best placements in the nation, year in and year out. These placements are driven by what I consider the perfect combination of great academics, an admissions office that finds the best students and a career office that works

Vanderbilt University Interview w. President & CEO of Nasdaq

The Vanderbilt University MSF Director of Admissions, Maura Clark, recently sat down and talked with the President and CEO of Nasdaq, Adena Friedman. They discussed launching a career, the financial services industry, and what she looks for in job candidates. This interview is really great and shows the

Vanderbilt University MSF 2016 Placement Report

Vanderbilt University MSF has been one of the consistently best Master in Finance programs out there and this year they do it again. Highlights of the report show student satisfaction at an all-time high and the four-year employment average within 90 days of graduation is 98%. It truly

Vanderbilt University MSF 3 Part Video Series – Part 3

The third and final installment of the Vanderbilt University MSF video series focuses on questions that students ask regarding curriculum, whether to do an MSF or an MBA, program length, etc. A really good video to round out the series. This one is hosted by Cherrie Clark,

Vanderbilt University MSF 3 Part Video Series – Part 2

As the second installment of the 3 part video series by the Vanderbilt University MSF program, Blake Gore, Sr. Associate Director of Career Management,  discusses the routine career questions that students typically have. Of all the topics that students inquire about, this tends to be both the most

Vanderbilt University MSF 3 Part Video Series – Part 1

The Vanderbilt University MSF is always putting out great resources and information for prospective students. Over the years I have found the program to be one of the best when it comes to informing students on how to prepare for the degree, what to expect when they

Vanderbilt University MSF Program 2015 Placement Report

The Vanderbilt University MSF program has some of the best placements I have ever seen. It is a combination of great academics, amazing brand and a dedicated career service office that simply “gets it”. This year is a continuation of this trend. I had the pleasure of

Vanderbilt University MSF Program Update – September 2015

I wanted to give everyone an update on the Vanderbilt University MSF program. I’ve received notice that they have achieved 100% placements within 90 days of graduating. This is no small feat to say the least. I’ve been lucky enough to know and/or have met many in

Vanderbilt University MSF Student Review #5

The Vanderbilt University MSF program is one of my favorite programs and after visiting the school my impression of the staff, location and quality of education is the highest it could be. Absolutely loved my time there and the students were great and all around fun to

Vanderbilt Visit

  I am currently in Nashville recovering after a dinner and night out visiting with the Vanderbilt MSF staff and current students. What a great program. I’ll try and lay out my opinions in order, but go easy on me if things are all over the place.