The Ohio State University Master in Finance program just had a webinar for prospective students. It was great to hear students ask about the program and learn more about it. I’ve taken notes and put them down below.


Some of my take aways was the CFA Partner Program aspect, which I am a huge proponent of and the different specializations. OSU is also going to have or developing a consulting type part of the program which will give students real world exposure and interaction.

The program is going to be 48 credit hours long which will give you a lot of exposure to a bunch of different classes.

There is going to be a student managed fund element which I strongly support.

Financial software is going to be a key element also. Some of the software items will be crystal ball, Cap IQ, Bloomberg, Morningstar Encorr, Etc. Really industry standard stuff.

The OSU finance department is ranked 15th in the nation.


Here is a link to the Ohio State University Master in Finance program