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MIT Masters of Finance Admission Advice Video

The MIT Masters of Finance program is extremely popular with my readers and rightfully so. MIT’s reputation as one of the best schools in the country, including having a top ranked business school, make the program popular with both domestic and international students. The emails and messages I

Northeastern University Masters in International Management

I’ve featured Northeastern University before with their masters in finance, but I came across a program that I think might interest some of you reading this. The Northeastern MS in International Management is a 10 or 15 months programs providing students the opportunity to study in up

Bentley University MS in Finance Update

I wanted to provide an update on the Bentley University MS in Finance program as I recently spoke with the director of admissions. It is a well respected university and should be on the radar or anyone looking for a great Boston MSF program. The program allows

Babson College Master in Management in Entrepreneurial Leadership

A reader alerted me to the brand new Babson College Master in Management in Entrepreneurial Leadership program. They are recruiting for their inaugural class scheduled to begin September 2014. This is yet another great, local Boston school offering a specialized masters degree. If you are interested in studying

MIT Master in Finance Student Review

A student was kind enough to review the master in finance program at MIT. I hope this helps any of you interested in the program.   1) Who would you recommend an MSF for and an MIT MSF for? I would recommend a master in finance to

MIT Third Round of Admissions

  MIT Sloan School of Management unveils a third round of admissions to its Master of Finance program; announces Dean’s Fellowships for highly qualified candidates In last year’s class, 92% of graduates had job offers within three months of graduation Cambridge, Mass., January 6, 2012 – MIT Sloan

MIT Sloan Experts : How Master of Finance students apply classroom skills to real problems

  I found a great article talking about MIT Master in Finance student utilizing their classroom knowledge in the real world. For the year 2012 MIT has a handful of real world questions that master in finance students will work towards solving and understanding. A few of

Boston College Master in Finance Placement Information

The Boston College Master in Finance is a very popular program and I receive a lot of question regarding the program. The school recently updated their placement information on their website and I wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention. Boston College is a part time, at

MIT Master in Finance Article

I came across a nice write up on MIT’s MSF program by Jackie Wilbur, the executive director of master’s degree programs at the university. She talks about the current size of the program (73 students) with a ultimate goal of 120 in a year or two.  She

Boston College Quantitative Master in Finance Program

  Boston College is inaugurating its new quantitative track master in finance program for the class of 2012. It is a 3 semester, full time program held during the day. The class load is a mixture of MSF classes and PhD level finance and economic classes. This will

Brandeis University Master in Finance Program

I spoke with a person involved with the Brandeis University Master in Finance program and was able to get some great information on the program. Located in Waltham, MA, the program is a good option for anyone interested in working in the Boston area. The school also

MBA/Master in Finance – Speaker Panel

  There is an event coming up in Boston that I thought you all would be interested in. There is going to be some Master in Finance program discussions as well as general graduate school admission stuff. Check it out if you have the time. ————————————————— MBA/MS in Finance

Bentley University Master in Finance Update

– Looks like Bentley updated their master in finance website. The new layout looks clean and is easy to find everything. There are also videos of the Bentley finance lab. The program allows for some flexibility in classes so you can take what interests you. There are

Northeastern University Webinar Recap

Northeastern University had a webinar regarding their master in finance program a couple weeks ago which they kindly put online for later viewing. I eventually got around to viewing the presentation and liked it a lot. Here are my notes and takeaways for those of you who can’t watch

Brandeis University Master in Finance Student Spotlight

Brandeis University has a nice articles showcasing a 2010 Master in Finance student. The school has a very international focus and a strong presence in the Boston area. This is illustrated by the alumni spotlight, which features a woman who came from Albania to study for her

Northeastern University Master in Finance

  The Northeastern University Master in Finance program is another great offering in the city of Boston. The program offers both part time and full time options, making it convenient for working professionals as well as full time students. Here are some class facts: Class Size 27 students GMAT

Boston University MS Investment Management

  The Boston University Masters in Investment Management is an interesting specialized masters degree. It is a 17 month program for working professionals strongly tied to the CFA. It is in fact a CFA Partner Program. The MSIM is set up as a cohort program, meaning all students

Boston College Master in Finance Updated Info

  Here are some older stats for the Boston College Master in Finance program. I am still working on getting a student review for all of you. Until then I hope this info helps you. Full-Time MSF September 2010 Enrollment Applications Received 475 Class Size 53  

MIT Master in Finance Placement Stats

The MIT Master in Finance program has put their placement information online and it is both impressive and telling. I will directly link to the PDF as well as upload a copy for posterity, but let me do a quick break down. Class Stats: 26 graduates 31% woman

Brandeis University Master in Finace Placements

I found some placement stats for the Brandeis University Master in Finance program. It is not 100% MSF specific, but I think it gives you a good idea of who is coming on campus and what the alumni scene might looks like. The program is strongest in

Suffolk University Master in Finance

  The Suffolk University Master in Finance is another Boston based program. The school offers a handful of joint MSF degrees as well as a stand alone option. This program is located right in the heart of Boston’s financial district and can be completed in a year