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Santa Clara University Master in Finance Program

The Santa Clara University just announced that they will be offering a Master in Finance degree starting this year. I am excited to announce this coming off the heals of USC’s announcement (and subsequent putting on hold) of their Master in Finance program. Looks like those interested

Simon Fraser University Master in Finance

A reader alerted me to a couple MSF programs that weren’t featured on the site and this is one of them. The Simon Fraser University Master in Finance program is located in Vancouver, British Columbia and another great option for anyone looking for a Canadian program to

Ohio State Master in Finance Placement Information

The Ohio State University Master in Finance program is onto their second class right now, but has recently posted some career information related to their first cohort. They boost a 90% placement 6 months out which is very good for a first year program. A good mix

Washington University St. Louis Global Master in Finance

Washington University – St. Louis is home to one of the best Master in Finance degrees in the US. They are now starting a dual degree MSF ideally suited for students with an international focus and interest. Students receive their Master in Finance from WUSTL and a

Master in Finance Virtual Information Session

For everyone interested in learning more about the Master in Finance degree and other specialized business programs should check this online info session out. All of the MSF programs that students ask about will be include, such as Villanova, Washington University – St. Louis, Claremont McKenna, Ohio

Resume Review / Admissions Consulting

With the Master in Finance application season in full swing I wanted to put a post talking about some of the services I now offer. For many of you all you need is a little guidance which I am always happy to provide free of charge, but

IBanking Insider

IBanking Insider is another great website helping people break into investment banking and other careers in finance. I had the pleasure of speaking with one of the founders and was really impressed with their focus, materials and roster of people available to help those struggling to get

MIT Master in Finance 2012 Placement Information

I just received the most recent placement report for the MIT Master in Finance program and wow, another great year. With 80% of the class seeking employment and of those looking, a 95% placement rate. Very good and all at top notch firms. Base Salary Mean Median

Pacific Lutheran University Master in Finance Program Video

MIT Master in Finance Admission Events

  The MIT Master in Finance program is extremely popular with students and they make a huge effort to meet with and talk to as many interested students as possible. As this years application process heats up the admissions staff is rolling out a bunch of times

University of Southern California Master in Finance Program

The University of Southern California Master in Finance program is brand new and hot off the presses. I came across it today and am very much excited to see another great West Coast option start up. The website is still filling out and things are fluid, but

University of Wisconsin Master in Finance: Applied Security Analysis

The University of Wisconsin just started up a two year, master in finance degree for current undergraduate students (one year in addition to the standard four year undergrad degree). The program is designed for students interested in research or portfolio management, playing off the Applied Security Analysis Programs

Vanderbilt University Master in Finance Article

I came across a great write up on the master in finance program at Vanderbilt. The article talks about a recent Vanderbilt undergraduate and how he came back for another shot at recruiting and to further their education. It also talks about the differences between an MBA

MIT Master in Finance Admissions Information

The Master in Finance program at MIT is arguably one of the best in the country. They are currently preparing for their second round of admissions and I wanted to pass along some information that will be useful for anyone interested in applying. MFin R2 deadline is

University of Rochester Master in Finance Student Review

The University of Rochester Master in Finance program is a strong option for those interested in a great branded business school. With the addition of their New York City campus, Rochester really has a lot of good things going for them. ————- Two things really stick out

University of Rochester Master in Finance NYC Info Sesssion – December 11, 2012 – 6:30pm – 8:30pm

  The University of Rochester Master in Finance program is having an information session in New York City tomorrow. If you are in the city or can attend I strongly suggest you do. The Rochester MSF program has two options, one being in New York City, which

Developing Economies : Opportunities in Africa

Today we have a guest article by Kyomi Wade over at Business Because discussion the opportunities in Africa, one of the few remaining relatively untapped developing markets. I found it to be a pretty interesting read and very informative. I hope you all feel the same! ———————

Businessweek Article on Specialized Master’s Programs

Every time I see an article in a national publication discussing the master in finance and other specialized master’s degrees I get excited. The increased popularity of this degree benefits all of us and the more it becomes well know the more schools will offer it and

Villanova University Master in Finance Student Review #3

The Villanova University Master in Finance is a very popular northeastern MSF program and also where I did my degree. I try and post up as many reviews and opinions of the program outside of my own to make sure that objectivity is remained. Well here is

The Ohio State University 2012 Middle Market Summit

The Ohio State University and their Master in Finance class was privileged to host the 2012 Middle Market Summit, a meeting of CEOs, academics, policy makers, and industry experts from across the country for a meaningful discussion on the opportunities and challenges facing the middle market today – and

Claremont McKenna Master in Finance Program Student Review

The Master in Finance program at Claremont McKenna is one of the most popular MSF programs in the US. I routinely receive emails from students inquiring about it and their placements speak for themselves. I am privileged to have an up to date student review to share