The University of Rochester Master in Finance program requires students without an MBA to take 43 credit hours for their degree. That is more than most other programs. I think the program might be 1.5 years because of the extra classes.

I managed to find some placement information for the MSF program. A list of recent employers is as follows:

  • American International Group
  • Aurora Capital LLC
  • Beiersdorf
  • Deloitte
  • The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
  • JP Morgan Chase & Co.
  • KPMG International
  • Medco Health Solutions, Inc.
  • Mitsubishi UFJ Securities
  • Moody’s Investor Service
  • Scotia Capital
  • Stern Stewart

Here is the class profile. Below is a small section of it showing the average GPA and GMAT for those admitted.

Undergraduate GPA:
Average 3.4
Middle 80% range 2.8-3.8
Average 680
Middle 80% range 610-760
Average  1252
Middle 80% range 1180-1390


Here is a link to the University of Rochester Master in Finance program