San Diego Master in Finance

The University of San Diego Master in Finance program is a new find and adds to the list of California schools for anyone looking at West Coast programs. The program is 12-months long and the curriculum is heavily orientated with the CFA body of knowledge. This should be a positive for anyone interested in a traditional, corporate finance focused education.

The admission requirements are as follows:

  • Four-year baccalaureate degree, preferably in a finance, accounting, economics, or STEM discipline;
  • A GPA with a “B” average or higher is preferred
  • Competitive GMAT or GRE exam scores from a test taken within the last five years
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • If English is not the applicant’s first language, TOEFL scores are required.

There isn’t too much more information available as of right now. I am going to reach out to admissions and see if I can get a program cost as well as a target class profile. Stay tuned!

Here is a link to the University of San Diego Master in Finance Program