Brandeis Master in Finance

  The Brandeis Master in Finance degree is another great option in Boston. The program is very internationally focused with a week long summer session that is located in a variety of  international locations (Tokyo, Paris, London, etc). The business school is officially “The International Business School” so

Pace University Master in Finance

  The Pace University Master in Finance is mainly for professionals, but Pace also has a MS in Investment Management as well as a MS in Financial Management. If you are a financial professional in NYC and looking for a specialized masters then I think Pace would be a place

Indiana University Master in Finance

  Indiana University has a Master in Finance program from their Kelley School of Business. They only have an online option which has its pros and cons. If you are looking for an online MSF there are only a few options and Kelly is an amazing university.

Boston College Master in Finance

Boston College has a great Master in Finance program, holding class at night which is ideal for those working in Boston or someone who is looking to intern during the day. The program also places an emphasis on work experience which is unique since most MSF programs

DePaul University Master in Finance

  The DePaul University Master in Finance is another great Chicago option for those looking for a specialized masters. This is ideal for anyone looking to work in the city or surrounding area. Not too much information is posted on the website so I would advise emailing

University of Michigan – University of Michigan-DearbornDearborn Master in Finance

  The University of Michigan – Dearborn Master in Finance program offers an online degree as well as night time classes for those commuting to campus. You can also avoid taking the GMAT if you meet specific requirements including a minimum undergraduate GPA. Here is a link

Syracuse University Master in Finance

The Syracuse University Master in Finance program is taught in the Whitman School of Management and has recently started back up. The program is built off the MBA program and allows students to customize the classes they take depending on their personal interest. This flexibility is an

Claremont McKenna College Master in Finance Placements

Placement for the Claremont McKenna College Master in Finance is top notch and very impressive. Claremont is an extremely strong program on the West Coast as well as rest of the US. Here are placements for 2010. “The students of the Master’s Program in Finance Class of

Merton going to teach at MIT’s MSF program

Robert C. Merton is coming to teach at the MIT Masters in Finance program! This is great news for the MIT program, which is coming up on it’s second year. I think it is also huge for the MSF degree in general to have such a distinguished professor coming

MSF Podcast

I found a podcast talking about the master in finance and comparing it to the MBA degree. It is a little old, but goes in depth and really compares the differences, pros and cons. Wikipedia has a nice description of the master in finance degree and also

Frankfurt School of Finance MSF

The Frankfurt School of Finance & Management offers three Master in Finance program. They cover risk management, quantitative finance and a corporate finance program. All three looks in depth and the CFA is incorporated in the studies. From what I can see they are not part of the partner program,