2013 Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking

Financial Times 2013 Masters in Management Ranking

TheĀ 2013 Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking has been released! While it is mainly focused on European programs I think it might be of some interest to some of my readers. I’d consider it an interest data point whether you are considering a management masters or want another way to gauge a universities master in finance quality.

Some familiar names show up on the list. St. Gallen, Imperial, ESADE, IE, Bocconi. All great European universities offering a variety of specialized masters.

I am glad that the Financial Times has stepped up and started ranking these specialized masters. I’ve said it before that the rankings are really helpful for international programs, but not for US schools, but hopefully that will change over the next few years. A bunch of big name schools just started specialized programs so I think bigger US focused publications should take notice. Once this happens you will see a big increase in applications and recognition.


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