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I wanted to update everyone on the  American University Master in Finance Program since they have made an important change (or at least allowance in the short term). The program is letting applicants submit the GRE in lieu of the GMAT for a trial run. After this year they will decide whether or not to continue this practice. This is pretty interesting as the GMAT has been the main option for most of these business programs. I personally think it is good to see other options as many students take the GRE over the GMAT because of cost and that it is more widely accepted for different graduate programs.

Another interesting fact is that they have GMAT opt out’s. Basically if you have CFA L1 passed, had a 3.5 GPA or better during undergrad or a 3.3 in grad school you don’t have to take the GMAT. Pretty innovative if you ask me and recognizes that students with strong performance in other areas show the ability to succeed in these programs just as much as those with high GMAT scores.

Here is the 2011 Class Profile as well. Good blend. Not overly international, high (but obtainable) GMAT and good GPA. Hopefully this helps guide anyone looking to apply.

2011 Class Profile

  • Enrolled: 24
  • Average GMAT: 690
  • Average GPA: 3.4
  • International: 50%
  • Female: 33%


Here is a link to the American University Master in Finance program


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