Application Tracker


I’ve been toying with some changes to the site and I just rolled one of them out. I get so many questions from users regarding where they stand compared with other applicants and I wanted to finally put something on my site that allows you to quickly see where you stack up.  I’ve seen application trackers on some other sites and think they are invaluable. Honestly, it has taken me too long to incorporate one on my site.

It is still a work in progress, but in the meantime, if you want to include yourself in the tracker just send me an email ( and include tracker in the subject line. I need the following information, all of which will be kept quiet:

1) UG school (if you are uncomfortable with this just give a ranking or a couple comparative schools)

2) GPA and major

3) GMAT score (Quant and Verbal break down) and number of times taking it

4) GRE (same info as above)

5) Which schools are you applying to and in what round(s)

6) Career goals

7) TOFEL (international students only)

I will incorporate what I can and update this tracker daily or sooner.

Stay tuned for some additional feature for the site.  I am always aiming to improve and help all of you in this process.


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