Babson College Masters in Finance Update – April 2023

The Babson College Masters in Finance program is another specialized masters in the Boston area. This part of the country has a high concentration of MSF’s to choose from and this program is one that I haven’t updated in a while. This post will be an overview refresher post as a lot has changed since I last wrote about the program.


This is a STEM certified program, 30 credit hours of study, with a 9 month and a 16 month option. The program is located in Wellesley, Massachusetts and features a customizable curriculum. Students can choose 12 credit hours of elective study, allowing you to focus your education on what suits your professional goals.

Class Statistics

Babson provides a class profile to help you gauge your competitiveness for the program. Testing is optional hence why it is not included in the class profile below. Looks like a pretty diverse program with students bringing some work experience to the program. Not bad.

  • 30% Women
  • 75% International Students
  • 24% Domestic Students of Color
  • Average GPA: 3.41
  • Average Work Experience: 1–2 Years


Pretty straight forward application process. Resume, one letter of recommendation, transcripts and a video interview. The tuition for the program is $1,820 per credit hour, coming out to $54,600 for the 30 credit hours the degree requires (make sure to confirm this with the graduate office). There are a number of full time and part time merit scholarships to help bring this cost down.

Next application deadline is April 20th, 2023. You still have plenty of time to meet this.

Career Information

The website has some placement information if you poke around for it and the results were pretty solid. All the information is for the class of 2022.

  • Average Base Salary – $90,335
  • 100% Job Placement within 6 months

Hiring firms include:

Archipelago Capital Partners / Boston Scientific Corporation / Cepheid / Fidelity Investments / First Republic Bank / Global Gas / Goldman Sachs / H Venture Partners / Main Street Wealth Management / Morningside BioPharma Advisory / PerkinElmer / Raytheon / Reef Technology / Scura Partners / Snowflake

Looks like a great salary combined with strong placement scores. The program is mostly international students so having placements and salary data like that is additionally impressive. Good name banking and technology firms as well. Boston is a great city for all of these fields.


The program emphasizes experiential learning which is something I think helps when it comes to landing that post-college job. There is an ability to manage part of the Babson College Endowment as well as a consulting project through the Management Consulting Field Experience course. There is a state of the art finance lab and FinTech week at Babson, a great way to network and expand you understanding of this growing area of finance.

If you would like to attend an event at Babson and learn more about the classes specifically or MSF program in general, you can sign up here.

Lots of good things happening with the Babson MSF program. I will post on this program again soon with some additional information. Make sure to check this one out if you are looking for a North East MSF program. Babson has a great name and the location helpful when trying to intern, network and find that first job.


Here is a link to the Babson College Masters in Finance Program


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