Baruch College Master in Finance Program

Baruch College finally has a true Master in Finance program to offer students. This program is still being finalized and is expected to be up and running by Fall 2014.  This will be a flex time program, ideal for working professionals. Classes will primarily be held at night and students can be either part time or full time, depending on their schedule.

The MSF program at Baruch is set up to be highly customizable for students. The program is 30 credits, with 9 credits of required courses (Investment Analysis, Managerial Finance, Econometrics) and 21 credits of electives.

Those students lacking certain prerequisites will be required to take the following 3 classes: Managerial Economics, Financial Decision Making, and Introduction to Quantitative Tools for Finance. Some or all of these classes may be required depending on the background of the individual student.

Students will also have the benefit of Baruch’s great location in the financial capital of the US (some would say the world). Being located right in the middle of Manhattan will allow students to network and intern at any number of firms. For those working in New York City and looking to change careers or advance in the one they currently have, this program should be on the short list.

I will try and get a hold of the people running the program to get more information regarding their ideal admission standards, first year class size, on campus recruiting, etc.

Here is a link to the Baruch College Master in Finance Program


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