Bentley University Masters in Finance Program

Bentley University Masters in Finance

The Bentley University Masters in Finance program just recently updated their website for the MSF program. The new layout looks very clean and is easy to find everything related to the program. This is no small feat as many of the MSF programs I have seen tend to have somewhat confusing websites or ones that aren’t updated as frequently as they should be.  There are also videos of the new Bentley University finance lab.

As for the program itself, there is some flexibility in classes that you can choose from, allowing students to specialize in the area of finance that they are most interested in. There are two main tracts that students can choose from: corporate finance and capital markets. These paths are common and reflect the desire most students have career wise when entering a masters program. Those looking for a more corporate finance / Fortune 500 career path vs. those looking for an investment banking or capital markets function within the financial industry.

The program continues to evolve and improve, so make sure you check their website or back here frequently. Boston is a great city with a strong financial industry and this university has a high concentration of a alumni in the Boston area. Anyone interested in living and working in the Boston metro should check this program out.


Here is a link to the Bentley University Masters in Finance Program




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