Businessweek Article on Specialized Master’s Programs

Every time I see an article in a national publication discussing the master in finance and other specialized master’s degrees I get excited. The increased popularity of this degree benefits all of us and the more it becomes well know the more schools will offer it and the more employers will seek our hiring graduates.

This article is by Alison Damast over at Businessweek and goes into the the increased awareness and benefits for those pursing these specialized business degrees. Some popular Master in Finance programs are also mentioned, such as the University of Maryland and the University of Rochester.

Here is a selection from the article which I think is very positive and something many of us want to hear and see more of:

“With so many MS programs popping up across the country, recruiters are beginning to pay close attention to the thousands of graduates emerging from these schools. Dan Black, Americas director of campus recruiting at Ernst & Young, says his accounting firm hired about 1,000 students with specialized master’s degrees this year, up about 5 percent or 6 percent from five years ago. The students with MS degrees tend to make anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 more than a typical undergraduate hire, he says.”

Recruiters gaining a better understanding of the degree and increased salary from having the specialized masters. Great direction to be moving towards!

Here is a link to the Businessweek article “The Booming Market for Specialized Master’s Degrees


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