Clark University Master in Finance Student Review

Here is a student review of the Clark University Master in Finance program. Hopefully this will help some of you potential Clark University students out.



I decided to study finance first and then chose Clark. My undergraduate major was finance and my many of my families are working in the industry, thus I decided to continue the major.

My application started late due to personal issue, and at that time, only few schools with master in finance were still issuing admissions, including Clark. I chose Clark University mainly because:

  1. Close to Boston, Hartford and NY. I think this is important for finance students.
  2. Low tuition. I think all, including living expense and others, can be capped in 60,000 for 2 years.
  3. History. This is an old school, which my preconception tells is better than young schools.
  4. Faculty here are very nice when I called and emailed them, better than some other schools that I also considered.

The class has a very clear problem but I am not sure how long this can be solved—too many Chinese students in the class, lack of diversity. Since I don’t have a picture of all master in finance programs in the states, I don’t know the quality of professors here. But I feel, other than some very successful practicians, the rest teachers have very limit ability to help students in their career.

The curriculum is very good, covering the corporate finance, investment, and quantitative. Also you can choose other MBA courses too. Alumni are very nice and willing to help. Career service is average. Because of the small scale of the university, some big companies may ignore this recruiting spot. Bloomberg software here is very practical and useful.

Anyway, I think it is a nice study environment and the university is very open, advocating, diverse, free and respectful. Studying in the university is a happy experience. Now, I think if you want to learn knowledge and want to expand the network in China, here is the right place.

 Here is a link to the Clark University Master in Finance program


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