Concordia University Masters in Finance Update – April 2020

The Concordia University Masters in Finance is taught at the John Molson School of Business in Montreal, QC. I wrote about this program ages ago and since then a lot has changed. Canada has a number of quality MSF programs and Montreal is an amazing city to study in and live in. See below for the updates to this great program.

Class Profile

This profile I believe is a little dated. I am pulling this off of the program brochure and while there isn’t a date that I can find, they do mention that some salary info is off of the 2016 graduating class. Please keep this in mind when you are comparing yourself to the profile as I am sure things might have changed.

  • Average GPA – 3.4
  • Average GMAT – 637
  • Average Age / Work Experience – 26 years / 2.5 years

A few other observations I made as I analyzed the program brochure. The majority of students in this program are female (62%) and full time (91%). At the time this data was collected, roughly 40% of the students were Canadian (or landed Canadian – something I will assume is akin to a permanent resident in the US).


I am going to use this section to hit a number of items that will be relevant to any considering applying to to this program.

  1. I mention above the class profile that I was able to find. On the admissions requirement section they say students who apply should have a minimum 3.0 GPA and 580 GMAT. This GMAT minimum is waived for students who graduate from a Canadian university with a 3.3 or above.
  2. Application process – Resume, 3 letters of reference, transcripts and GMAT (unless you qualify above).
  3. Deadline – March 1st, rolling thereafter.
  4. Tuition – $40,000 for non-Canadians / $14,500 f0r Canadian, non-Quebec / $6,400 for Quebec Residents.

Program Structure

This is a 2-year, 45 credit hour masters program with a thesis included. Par time students can take longer to complete the degree. There are a number of electives that can be chosen, allowing MSF students to focus their education. This is further reinforced with the thesis, allowing graduates the opportunity to come out of the program with a deep understanding of a variety of subjects. Per the website, here are some recent thesis topics:

  • International Financial Contagion during the Subprime Credit Crisis
  • The Effects of Board Diversity on Firm Risk
  • A Close Examination of Canadian Stock Market Volatility
  • CEO Age and Firm Performance
  • The Determinants of Crowdfunding Success Outcomes
  • Zero-leverage Firms and their Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Earnings Management Surrounding Takeover Rumours
  • The Impact of Cyber-Attacks on Publicly Traded Companies

Here is a link to the Concordia University Masters in Finance Program


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