Emory University Master of Analytical Finance

Emory Master in Analytical Finance

I came across the Emory University Master of Analytical Finance and was very happy to see another specialized graduate degree in finance being launched. Emory is well respected and a top university in this country. To see them launching this degree is very exciting. Since this is a new program, I will provide an overview of the degree and for anyone considering applying.


This is a 10-month, STEM designated degree focusing on real world training by incorporating internship-style work experience built into the program. Students go through an onboarding and four rotations, each providing a different skillset and focusing on a different job aspect.

The website has a great summary of the curriculum and overall structure of the program:

“Our modern curriculum combines deep insights into modern finance with practical know-how. In 10 months, you’ll complete four rotations and be guided through the foundations of finance topics with increasing complexity, starting with how the global markets work and what asset classes are traded worldwide. As you gain expertise, you’ll explore trading strategies, asset management, risk management, and FinTech innovative techniques, with the flexibility to specialize in cutting-edge industry areas such as environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) investing, algorithmic trading, and FinTech innovations.”

  • Onboarding – August
    • Financial Statement Bootcamp, Business Statistics Bootcamp, Technology/Data Bootcamp
  • Rotation I, Global Markets – August thru September
    • Courses in Coding, Data Visualization for Finance, Equities and Derivatives, Corporate Finance and Investment Banking, Fridays On the Job: Modern International Economics, Trade, and Research
  • Rotation II, Asset Portfolios – October thru December
    • Courses in Financial Econometrics, Fixed Income and Credit, Futures and Options, Mergers and Acquisitions, Fridays On the Job: Exploring Markets, Ethics, Sales, and Trading
  • Rotation III, Strategies – January thru February
    • Courses in Investments and Portfolios, Quantitative Stock Investment Strategies, Fintech Innovation I: Traditional and Platform-Based Businesses, International I: Currencies and Commodities, Fridays On the Job: Client Project
  • Rotation IV, In Practic – March thru May
    • Courses in Private Equity, Financial Markets, Fintech Innovation II: Blockchain and Blockchain-Based Businesses, International II: Risk Management and Hedging, Fridays On the Job: Client Project


The admissions process is straight forward. Applicants must submit 5 short essays, transcripts, 2 letters of recommendation, GMAT/GRE (exceptions noted below) and English Language Scores for ESL students.

GMAT/GRE requirements can be waived the following ways:

  • Emory graduates who receive a 3.0 GPA or higher GPA in the following majors: Business, Math, Statistics, Economics, Quantitative Theory & Methods, Computer Science, Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, or Pre-Medicine
  • Received Series 7, CFA level 1 or CPA professional licensing and have a 3.0 GPA or above from an accredited university
  • Submit a valid MCAT or LSAT

Applicants with a strong academic profile can also submit a waiver request.

The program is current accepting applications and the first round is upcoming.

  • Round 1 – October 12th, 2022
  • Round 2 – January 18th, 2023 (applicants interested in scholarships are encouraged to apply by this date)
  • Round 3 – March 29th, 2023


Tuition for this program is $71,000 ($74,200 including mandatory fees). This is definitely not cheap, but it is in line with a number of other specialized programs I have seen. There are a number of merit and named scholarships. To be considered for a merit-based award, please submit all application materials by Round 3 — no additional application is needed. To be considered for one of our named scholarships, submit your application by Round 2.

Upcoming Events

There are a number of events and information sessions coming up for anyone interested in the program.

You can find the full list of upcoming events here.

I am going to reach out to the program to see if I can find out more. Always exciting to see a new program being launched, especially one being offered by Emory. Stay tuned!


Here is a link to the Emory University Master of Analytical Finance Program


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