ESCP Europe Master in Finance


The ESCP Europe Master in Finance program is truly global. Students split their classroom time between Paris and London, offering exposure to two of Europe’s biggest financial centers. The program is 10 months long, with 6 months of studying and 4 months of a professional assignment. There is a thesis at the end of the program also.

Here is the 2012 student profile:

Profile Promotion 2012

  • 22% of non-French students representing 40 different nationalities ; promotions that enhance multicultural exchanges and group work.
  • 547 students have integrated all 15 MS Full-Time whose profile is as follows:

• College of Engineering (19%) 
• Economics / finance / management (31%); 
• Law, Political Science, IEP (20%) 
• Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (8%); 
• Marketing and Communication ( 6%); 
• Life sciences (15%); 
• Decorative Arts, Fine Arts, Architecture (1%).

Here is a link the ESCP Europe Master in Finance program



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