Financial Times 2012 Master in Finance Ranking

This is the second annual Master in Finance ranking by the Financial Times. They have two categories, pre and post experience, which is particularly relevant overseas as the MSc degree is more common than the MBA and students tend to be more experienced than here in the states.

Most US programs are excluded from being ranked because they do not meet the ranking criteria. This will change in the future. I’ve listed some of the hurdles that must be met before the FT will consider a university.

  1. Run for 4 consecutive years
  2. Internationally accredited
  3. 20% response rate with a minimum of 20 respondents

You can read more about the ranking methodology here.

In the US the following schools were ranked in the pre-experience category:

  1. Brandeis
  2. Washington University – St. Louis
  3. Tulane

In the US the following schools were ranked in the post-experience category:

  1. George Washington University
  2. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  3. Florida International University

Looks like we will have to wait another 3-5 years before the rest of the US based Master in Finance programs are included. Regardless of the lack of a comprehensive US ranking, this is a great first step towards other publications ranking the MSF degree and providing it more exposure. The GMAC reports that applications for specialized masters degrees continue to increase and it is only a matter of time before Businessweek or US News starts their own ranking.

Financial Times Pre-Experience Master in Finance Ranking

Financial Times Post-Experience Master in Finance Ranking



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