Florida State University Master in Finance Student Review

Here is a student review of the Florida State University Master in Finance program. I hope it helps anyone interested in the program or thinking about applying

I just graduated from Florida State’s Master in Finance program. This was the programs second year and placement was better than one would expect from FSU. There were 20 students in our class with five going into Phd. Offers include Soc Gen equity research in NYC, PE in NYC, Raymond James in St. Pete (3 offers- acquisitions analyst, ER, IB), a couple at a F500, a couple at boutique shops doing real estate analysis in Florida, and a trader in Chicago. With that being said, there are still some students from our class seeking employment, but they have been through interviews and waiting to hear back.

GMAT scores ranged from 550 to 740. There were four or five students with scores above 680 and four or five below 600. Undergrad GPA’s were all at minimum 3.7. Everyone in the program received some sort of financial assistance….ranging from 3 credit hours with a $1,000 stipend to a full ride….and keep in mind how low tuition in Florida is already…

FSU has the #2 ( I believe) ranked real estate program in the United States. If anyone is interested in pursuing real estate, FSU should be considered as a good school to go. The professors are extremely helpful in hooking us up with top real estate professionals and it seems like our most successful alumni are in real estate. (I can attest to this, FSU puts out a lot of great RE professors).

I forgot to talk about our internship experience heading into the masters in finance. None of my classmates, including myself, landed a summer internship at BB their junior year. The internships we all had were mediocre. But, we were at FSU during the worst financial crisis since the great depression trying to get summer analyst positions that were not even being offered to top schools…there are numerous undergrads at FSU right now heading to NYC for summer analyst positions this summer…so we are improving.

If you notice when looking at UF, they all had their summer internships at a place like Wells Fargo or SunTrust…unfortunately on campus recruiting at FSU is worse than a community college (so it seems)…but all in all, its a good program and it has opened a lot of doors.

Here is a link to the Florida State University Master in Finance program


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