Georgetown University – Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, and the Future of Work

I received an email the other day from Georgetown University that I thought might be relevant and interesting, specifically as it pertains to the the MS in Business Analytics program. The university is launching a new initiative, focusing on how AI and Analytics will impact work in the future. This is a topic that we are all hearing about, mixed with excitement as well as a good dose of fear and uncertainty. I found it very interesting that Georgetown is looking into this and for anyone studying analytics or finance, this is a topic that will directly impact you and your career. Below is information on the initiative from the schools website (a link for the full write can be found here).

“The AI, Analytics, and the Future of Work Initiative will focus on research across disciplines, convening leaders and decision-makers to participate in events and discussions, and education to both prepare students for the emerging complexities related to the future of work and to inform business leaders and policy makers on how to devise solutions that help the most vulnerable members of society and foster the common good. It also will coordinate its efforts across the school to provide a holistic approach to its mission.”

“Drawing from Georgetown’s global reputation and network, its Jesuit tradition, and its access to business leaders and policy makers in Washington, D.C., the initiative has three focus areas:

1) The Promises and Pitfalls of Artificial Intelligence (AI): The initiative will develop and study AI algorithms that help individuals and organizations make decisions. It will assess the suitability of such machine learning tools across different domains, the most significant barriers to adoption, and individual privacy implications.

2) Technology and the Workplace: The initiative will assess the workforce disruption of new technologies, the need for new skills and workplace roles, and the importance of equitable access to lifelong learning. Research also will include how companies can leverage technology to build high-performance organizations and solve previously intractable problems for the common good.

3) Digital Technology and Inclusive Growth: The initiative will explore how technology can be leveraged to promote equitable growth and reduce wealth inequality in society.

I will keep checking in on this initiative and the MS in Business Analytics degree for everyone who is interested. Georgetown has a number of great specialized masters degrees and they always do an incredible job of incorporating current topics and cutting edge materials. More to come.


Here is a link to the Georgetown University MS in Business Analytics Program


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