Georgetown University Masters in Management Program – Update March 2022

The Georgetown University Masters in Management (MiM) program is one of the many great specialized masters programs the university offers. I wrote about this one years ago and I think it makes sense to do a refresh post on the degree in general. A number of things have changed over the years.


The MiM is a 10-month full time program, starting in August, for recent undergrads (0-3 years work experience). All backgrounds may apply, making this program slightly different from those that prohibit business undergraduates from attending. This is a STEM designated specialized masters as well, perfect for international students. On the university webpage they stress that applicants interested in the program are seeking a “globally engaged community with a focus on building the technology and innovation skills necessary to be competitive while doing business for good”.

Class Profile

I last wrote about the 2020 class profile (which you can find here). I like including older profiles so you can compare and contrast how things have changed over the years. Here is the 2022 class profile:

  • Average GPA – 3.6
  • % Women – 51%
  • US Diversity – 51%
  • % International – 26%

Couple things to make note of. The program puts a high emphasis on diversity. This was what I wrote about a couple years ago and is stressed even more. US diversity has increased since I last wrote (27% before, no 51%). Women still make up a little more than half of the program. On the class profile page they stress the number of languages spoken, countries students come from, etc. What is no longer listed (I couldn’t find it on the career page as well) are the GMAT or GRE scores. This would make sense as the GMAT and GRE are optional for anyone with a 3.2 or higher.


Admissions is fairly standard as you would expect. GMAT/GRE not being required if you meet the GPA criteria is very nice. The program also has a deferred admissions program for seniors who are interested in a graduate program and would like to apply before graduation. You can read about it in full here. Effectively, the application process is the same, with the addition of two essays. You have to keep your GPA where it is at the time of application. The round 2 deadline for this year is June 1, 2022. 

For everyone else, below are the remaining application rounds:

  • Round 4 – May 15, 2022
  • Round 5 (Rolling) – through June 15, 2022

Tuition is currently $55,000 (per the website is says August 2021, but it is what I saw as I wrote this post). I would confirm this with the university though. There are a number of scholarships available to reduce this cost. I would encourage everyone to look into these.

Career Outcomes

The schools does a great job of listing the firms that have hired MiM graduates in the past. I pulled a sampling of the employers and included it below.

BarclaysGoldman SachsRSM Consulting
CitigroupHSBC ChinaThe Boston Beer Company
DeloitteLinkedinU.S. Senate

As you can see, tons of big name companies across a variety of industries, domestic and international. This is a huge selling point with the Masters in Management degree. The career versatility as well as the Georgetown brand and reputation has proven incredibly helpful for these recent graduates.

This is the update for now. Love seeing the deferred application option for soon to be graduates as well as the continued optionality of the GMAT/GRE. Georgetown continues to do great things with a diverse student body. Definitely check this program out if you are considering a masters in management degree.


Here is a link to the Georgetown University Masters in Management Program


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