Georgetown University MSF Accelerated Option

Georgetown University MSF

The Georgetown University MSF program has been at the forefront of innovation and flexibility for years now. Continuing this trend, the university just announced a new, 10-month accelerated option. This will allow students to complete their masters in finance degree in about half the time as the current 21-months full and part time length.

The accelerated option is for any student who would like the option to complete their degree in half the time. There are no additional eligibility requirements. This gives applicants another options to tailor the program to their specific needs.
Similar to the full-time traditional track, the most likely candidates are recent graduates who majored in finance, or who have extensive prior coursework in finance, or who majored in a quantitatively focused major. The ideal candidate for the accelerated track also has strong internship or work experience and is highly motivated to complete a challenging curriculum in a shorter period of time.
You will still have access to Georgetown’s top notch career services and all classes will be taught in the same format as the full and part time MSF options. You will have plenty of opportunities to network with classmates and create a lasting experience during your time in the program. All of this and in half the time!
The full press release on the new 10-month option is available here. I love the flexibility that Georgetown is creating and encourage anyone who is considering a masters in finance degree to check this program out.
Here is a link to the Georgetown University MSF Program


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