Georgetown University MSF Career Bootcamp


The Georgetown University MSF program has worked hard to incorporate a number of different aspects to their career training for enrolled students. The goal with all of this to ensure that students are prepared for their eventual job search. The university does an amazing job academically, providing a world class education, and the professional preparation continues to be top notch.

The school has a career bootcamp that helps prepare enrolled students that I thought was very interesting and frankly, something I would like to see all schools have. This six-week intensive career program provides students with an overview of career options most readily available with an MSF degree, in-depth information about Georgetown’s internship policy, information on the investment banking and consulting summer 2021 search timelines, and time to develop both the materials (resume, cover letter, etc.) and the skills (behavior and technical interviewing) necessary for success.

MSF students will work with faculty to accelerate their readiness for career-making decisions and learn to leverage the MSF degree almost immediately. Students also will discover recruitment pipelines and learn how to avoid roadblocks in their job search.

If you are exploring a new position or internship early in the program, you can take advantage of Georgetown’s 6-week Career Bootcamp this summer. The primary audience for this program includes those just finishing an undergraduate degree who will search for a summer 2021 internship. The secondary audience includes students with less than one to three years of work experience or anyone who is currently unemployed and will be launching an immediate job search.

The bootcamp is available to accepted students prior to the fall start.


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