Georgetown University MSF Class of 2022 Career Success Report

Georgetown University MSF

I just received an email with the Georgetown University MSF programs 2022 Career Report and it looks amazing as one would expect. Salaries are up and placement percentages remain high. This program is really dialed in at this point and the success continues to compound. Below are the highlights from the report. Enjoy!

The Georgetown MSF breaks out their salary and career information by experience level, something I think is incredibly helpful since this is a program for free graduates as well as those with professional work experience. The transparency is amazing.

I will highlight the overall stats and then break things out by experience level.

  • Average Base Salary – $119,199
  • Median Base Salary – $105,000

The average salary increased from $112,139 in the prior year. If my math is correct, that is a 6.3% increase year over year.

Breaking things out by experience level:

0-3 Years Work Experience

  • Average Base Salary – $98,692
  • Median Base Salary – $97,500
  • Average Bonus – $27,642
  • Placements within 6 months – 96%

4+ Years Work Experience

  • Average Base Salary – $146,755
  • Median Base Salary – $129,000
  • Average Bonus – $159,277
  • Changed Jobs or Received a Promotion within – 86%

For anyone mid-career considering this program, graduates saw a 73% increase in average base salary upon graduation. This is something to definitely consider when you are performing a cost-benefit analysis of this degree.

I’ve included a sampling of employers for the class of 2022. Great mixture of well known firms, both private as well as government or related.

Alvarez & MarsalKeyBanc Capital MarketsScotiabank
BAML Private BankKPMGTruist Securities
BlackrockMorgan StanleyUS Bank
E&YNorthrop GrummanWellington Management
Fannie MaePIMCOWells Fargo

You can read the press release here. There is some great comments from the career office as well as program director. I think this is one of the top MSF programs out there and the flexibility makes this arguably the best online MSF you can get. I will keep everyone up to date as more information comes in. Until then, I hope this helps!


Here is a link to the Georgetown University MSF Program


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