Georgetown University MSF Information Session – October 6, 2015


The Georgetown University MSF program is holding an online information session for interested students this upcoming Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm, EST. These open houses are a great way for prospective students to ask any questions they might have and get a feel for the program themselves.

The Open House will be hosted by Professor Allan Eberhart, the MSF Program Director and will detail all aspects of the MSF program, including the industry, job market, revolutionary technology platform, and the new blended classroom.  The event will also allow you the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have for Professor Eberhart or the admissions team.

Register by clicking the link below:

Georgetown University MSF Program Open House

The program has some new things added to the website that I think should be brought to everyones attention. I was looking at the career section and noticed a dedicated MSF career individual. I think this is great because of the specialized nature of the degree. Recruiters still need some education on how MSF graduates fit within an organization and having someone who can promote the schools graduates is essential.

While there are not any formal placement statistics as of right now, below was taken from the career website:

“…despite the fact that our MSF program just began in 2014, our MSF students have received job offers from some of the most prestigious firms in the world including Goldman Sachs, Citibank, Deloitte Consulting, KPMG, and Amazon”.

All very promising.

Here is a link to the Georgetown University MSF Program


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