Georgetown University MSF Program Update

The Georgetown University MSF program has an updated information page that I thought would be worth while posting. It has a couple videos that show you a behind the scenes look at the program and the technology that goes into it. I was privileged enough to see a class in person and I was really impressed with how interactive it was. Well this is your chance to see what I saw, without having to travel all the way down to Georgetown on a week night.

IMO, this is a pretty unique online program. They really went out of their way to make this as interactive as possible. I personally think the way they interact with students would be amazing to replicate in other ways, such as tutoring, distance learning, medical advice. This isn’t opening up an online class and clicking some stuff. You have prework that you do on your own or within a group and then you have a fully interactive class with a professor speaking and interacting with you in real time.

I also like the immersion week on campus and the international trip. Gives you the chance to bond with your classmates. When I visited and asked about the class they told me that students were setting up their own face to face meetings in order to really build that camaraderie.

Here is the link to the videos and overview for everyone to check out. They should be finishing up their first cohort soon so I will work on getting a couple student reviews. That should build out the content for this program nicely. Until then I hope this helps and if I come across anything new to post I will let you all know.


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