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Something that the Georgetown University MSF program does that I like a lot is provide student spotlights current or recent graduates and what they are doing professionally. This does a couple things: it allows interested students to get an idea of what Georgetown MSF’s do with their degree and possibly what they could do and it also gives students a look at what certain jobs entail and hopefully expands their potential career options. All of which is great and the program does a wonderful job at highlighting these profiles every year.

I will include a summary of the two featured students below as well as links to the full articles for those interested. Enjoy!

Summer Internship Spotlight: David MacKinnon, (MSF’22): Bank of America

  • Tell us about your summer.

This summer I worked as a Wealth Management Summer Analyst at Bank of America in NYC (due to COVID-19 concerns the internship was hosted remotely). I was in the Investment Solutions Group (ISG) where I worked on the Chief Investment Office (CIO) Due Diligence team. It was a total of 10 weeks where the first 4 weeks comprised of orientation and training. After training concluded, we began working with our line of business. As part of the program we conducted a project similar to a capstone project in concept. We then presented our findings to Bank of America leaders and hosted a Q&A following our presentation. I also had the opportunity to present my findings to the entire Due Diligence team. I directly worked with the Sustainable/ESG CIO Due Diligence team and gained exposure to the CIO Due Diligence Hedge Fund and CIO Due Diligence Equities team. I also worked with a team covering thematic portfolios.

  • How did you find the internship?

I found this internship on Georgetown’s Handshake in addition to learning more about it from attending the MSF in NYC event.

  • What’s the most interesting or impactful thing you did or worked on?

Professionally the most impactful thing I worked on this summer with BofA was a proprietary project. I conducted an in depth data analysis on data collected from investment strategies offered on the platform. I then presented my findings to the entire Due Diligence team. My findings/suggestions were used to update the project / help other CIO Due Diligence analysts in their coverage of investment strategies on BofA’s investment platform.

You can check out the full article by clicking the link here.

Summer Internship Spotlight: Bailey Perez, (MSF’22): PIMCO

  • Tell us about your summer.

This summer I had the opportunity to work in PIMCO’s Product Strategy Group (PSG). Specifically, I worked on an ESG (environmental, social, governance) focused project for the Municipals team and a competitor analysis for the Asset Allocation team within the PSG. The PSG focuses on designing PIMCO’s products and works to support the portfolio managers, account managers, and business management.

  • How did you find the internship?

I found this internship on Handshake then applied through PIMCO’s career page.

  • What’s the most interesting or impactful thing you did or worked on?

My main project for the summer was focused around ESG investing in the municipal bond market. Municipal bonds are new to the sustainable universe, so I was tasked with formulating a framework around the positive financial and social impacts of sustainable investing. It was a particularly interesting space to work in because sustainable investing is the fastest growing sector in finance. My findings are now being used by PIMCO’s Municipal team as they look to explore the space.

  • Any advice for other students?

Take advantage of Georgetown’s alumni network – especially the alumni at companies you are interested in! More times than not, they will be happy to share about their role and help you talk through your career interests. Once those relationships are formed, make sure to maintain them. Send updates on your MSF, where you are in your career, and any position openings that you are interested in.

You can check out the full article by clicking the link here.

Always great to hear from two MSF students at BAML and PIMCO. I also liked seeing how impactful career services is with helping find jobs, internships or with networking.

Application Round 2 Deadline – November 19th

Anyone thinking about applying should keep in mind that the second application deadline is coming up quickly. About two more weeks to finish up your application and get it submitted. Students applying by 11/19 should find out whether they are admitted or not by mid-December. Nice way to start the holiday season and wrap up the year. Apply online here.

Hope all of you found this informative and helpful. Much more to come on this program as well as a new specialized program that Georgetown is rolling out. Stay tuned!


Here is a link to the Georgetown University MSF Program


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