Georgetown University MSF Update – December 2019

I just got an email from the Georgetown University MSF program with some very helpful information regarding the newest admitted class as well as an update on the general growth of the program. This is very positive information as the Georgetown program tends to be one of the most asked about MSF programs. Below are a couple of highlights from the article (which I will link to towards the end) as well as an overview of the Class of 2021.

Academic Overview

  • Average GMAT – 674
  • Average GPA – 3.2
  • Average Age – 30
    • Age Range – 22 – 56

I think the key take away with these stats are that the Georgetown University MSF admits students from a variety of backgrounds and ranges of work experience. Over 40% of admitted students didn’t study business or finance, showing that this program is suitable for non-business students as well as those who have a traditional business background. The range of current employers is also impressive. This should be seen as a positive for students who are both looking for that first job after school as well as those looking to change careers. Both the school as well as your fellow classmates can help you in your career search.

The admitted class is both racially and age diverse as well as having roughly one quarter of the class female students. This is pretty remarkable since graduate business programs tend to skew towards being more male. Per the article “Students also are more diverse this year, with a 45% U.S. Diversity rate, which includes African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, and Native American students.

The age range in the cohort is 22 to 56, which adds to the diversity of experience and strengthens the overall classroom discussions. Students currently work at companies such as Apple, Deloitte, and J.P. Morgan and come from industries ranging from accounting, education, law, and real estate.”

You can read the full post here and as always, I will work to keep all of you up to date on any changes or updates the program has. Looks like another great year for the Georgetown program!


Here is a link to the Georgetown University MSF Program


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