Happy New Years from MSFHQ

New Years 2015

Happy New Years Eve everyone. I wanted to write a post in reflection and also to look forward. Running Master in Finance HQ is an absolute pleasure and it is my honor to be able to help many of you make such an important decision. My resolution to you is to post more often and provide even more information for any of you trying to decide which program to attend. In 2015 I will be visiting Vanderbilt and posting a great, 3-part write up of my experience. I want to continue to build the tacker on my site so those of you who are applying can see for yourself the strength of the applicant pool. I plan on adding more student reviews and first person perspectives of each program as I think this is one of the best resources someone can have when trying to pick a program. In summary, more, more and more.

I am also toying with some ideas that may or may not come to fruition. My goal continues to be the same as it always has been; to provide the most comprehensive resource for anyone interested in a specialized masters. This goal is never achieved as I can always do more and provide more information.

To all of you who have emailed me or spoken with me, thank you. I hope to have helped and hope to be able to continue to help for years to come. The best of wishes and a wonderful New Years to each and every one of you.

– Anthony


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