HEC Montreal Masters in Finance

The HEC Montreal Masters in Finance program is another great MSF program located in Montreal, QC. Canada has a number of good options for anyone considering this degree and I wanted to update all of you on this program since the last time wrote about it was years ago. Definitely not doing this school or program justice. Check out the update below and I will work to keep updating this program going forward.


The program is a 45 credit hour masters degree, taking students between 16-24 months to complete. There are two streams that students can choose from, the first being a Thesis Stream that involves 6 classes (21 credits) and a 24 credit Research Workshop/Thesis and the second being a Supervised Project stream, involving 11 classes (36 credits) with a final, supervised project for 9 credits.


Anyone interested in applying to the HEC Montreal Masters in Finance need to provide transcripts, a copy of your university diploma, at least two letters of recommendations, GMAT or GRE (Not required for candidates who have completed at least 45 undergraduate credits in Canada or at least 30 graduate credits in Canada) and a motivational essay (questions to be answered are posted on the HEC Montreal site).

There is one remaining application deadline remaining, April 30th. The school has posted an update on this years (2020) admissions process because of the ongoing COVID-19 virus. I am including their note from the site:

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we are opening a second round of admissions to take place between March 15 through April 30, 2020. The requirement to submit results from an aptitude (Tage-Mage, GMAT or GRE) has been lifted for this period, but the requirement to take a language test will be maintained. Students who have been selected and are unable to provide us with their language test results by April 30 will be admitted on the condition that that they submit their results no later than July 15, 2020.


There are a few additional things of note that I believe are relevant for all of you to know.

  1. The program is also offered in French. Montreal is part of the French speaking area of Canada and while English is commonly used, if you want to work in Montreal post graduation, it is strongly advised to have a working use of French. The program offers French language skills for those interested.
  2. Career Prospects – On the webpage the school mentions nearly 100% placement statistics.
  3. Tuition – This is a pretty affordable program, even for non-Canadian students. You can see how much the program costs here, but effectively for residents of Quebec the program is under $6,000 and for international students (non-Canadian) the cost is under $30,000.
  4. Scholarships – The university has a number of scholarships for students who apply and meet the criteria.

This was long overdue and I think it hit most of the updates that I could find. I will continue to try and find out additional information on this program, especially anything related to the career prospects of graduates. More to follow.


Here is a link to the HEC Montreal Masters in Finance Program


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