Hofstra University Masters in Finance Update – April 2023

The Hofstra University Masters in Finance program is another option for anyone looking at a specialized masters in the New York City metro area. Located in Long Island, right outside of Manhattan, the Hofstra University MSF gives you the ability to study for your masters in finance and be easily accessible to the financial epicenter of the United States.

I posted about this program when this site first launched and wanted to circle back and provide an update on the program as it is still active available to anyone who would want to attend.


This is a 30 credit hour MSF program that can be completed in a year or longer, depending on how many classes you take and if you want to do this degree full time or part time. This looks to be a degree option the university offers by allowing students to take MBA classes and once 30 hours have been achieved you receive a MS in Finance degree. It isn’t advertised on the programs landing page, but if you go to the business schools website you will see that the MS Finance program is STEM certified, important for international students.

Students choose between two concentrations – Financial and Risk Management or Investment Analysis. It looks like you can take a number of classes pertaining to real estate as well. While not a listed concentration, nice to see a bunch of options for anyone interested in that field of study.


Pretty standard admissions package. Transcripts, resume, recommendations, personal statement, etc. GMAT is required, but students who have have a 3.2 average for their undergraduate degree can get this waived. There is a comment for those with below a 3.2, but with other circumstances to inquire about a waiver. Seems like Hofstra is open to working with you.

Admissions are rolling so no specific deadline. Tuition is $1,605.00 per credit hour (as of 4/2023). Once you receive admissions I am sure they will let you know the full cost of attendance. Doing simple math it looks like the 30 credit hour degree will cost roughly $48,000.


The university has a student managed fund and a trading floor that looks impressive. A number of scholarships and fellowships are offered to help bring the cost of attendance down. I couldn’t find specific career information, but like all colleges, career support is offered and I am sure you will find the bulk of graduates working in the city at almost every financial institution.

Glad I checked back in with this MSF and happy to see it still active. I will try and find a student review or maybe some more career information to help anyone who might be considering this program.


Here is a link to the Hofstra University Masters in Finance Program


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