Imperial College Master in Finance Program

Imperial College – London’s Master in Finance program is offered in the heart of London, the worlds financial capitol. The UK has many quality masters in finance offerings and this is an other one.

The program is a CFA Partner program which is very impressive. As I have posted before, the CFA is the gold standard in equity analysis and being a partner school gives a strong signal that the university is taking their program seriously.

Imperials MSF program is 12 years old, giving it a strong alumni base and establishment within the masters in finance community. Recruits know the school and know the program, a very helpful thing when it comes time to get a job.

Here is a link to current student profiles. It should give a nice overview of the kind of people who get admitted and help you when crafting your application package.

Class Stats:

Average Age – 23

Male/Female Ratio – 1.6/1

Class size – 176


Placement stats are incredibly helpful when looking at masters programs. You want to know where students have found work, not only for potential networking, but to know which universities have been open in hiring master in finance students in the past. Imperial does a nice job of laying this out for you and the information can be found here.

For more information follow this link to the Imperial College Master in Finance Programs webpage.



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