Indiana University Masters in Finance Program

The Indian University Masters in Finance program on campus is one that I just stumbled on and realized I have not featured this MSF on my site. Kelley ages ago had an online MSF, but it looks they are now offering a full time, on campus option. Amazing news as the Kelley School of Business is very well regarded and has some phenomenal placements on Wall Street. Below is the overview of this program and I will absolutely make a point to post more on this MSF degree.


This is a highly customizable, on campus program, lasting 10, 11, or 18 months. Students with a finance or business background can complete this in 10 months, those requiring a math bootcamp can take an extra month and those wanting to do a summer internship can extend this to a year and a half. This is a STEM designated degree, essential for international students. Work experience and a business/finance background is not required.

Students can tailor their course load to specialize their degree in the following areas:

  • Corporate finance
  • Financial institutions
  • Investment banking
  • Investment management
  • Real estate

Class Profile

Below is the class profile that I pulled from the schools website. They do not mention if this is a composite or for a specific class year, but this is good directionally to give you an idea of who gets admitted to the program. Please note – do not get discouraged if you aren’t exactly hitting all these averages. Programs admit students who exceed and fall below some of these.

  • Class Size – 47 Students
  • Average GPA – 3.66
  • International – 38%
  • Male/Female – 74% / 26%

The majority of undergraduate majors are 40% finance/accounting, 26% STEM and the rest a mix of majors.


The admissions process is standard – resume, application, recommendations, etc. If you have a 3.5 GPA or above you can apply for a GMAT/GRE waiver. If you are an Indiana undergraduate you do not need to take the test which is very nice. They mention a 3.2 GPA as expected so if your falls below this I would work to mitigate this.

There is a nice pre-application advising option so anyone with scores significantly deviating from the class profile should check that out.

Domestic Students have the following deadlines:

  • December 1st – Early
  • March 1st – Standard

International Students have a slightly earlier timeline:

  • October 1st – Early
  • December 1st – Standard

Tuition is tiered for Residents and Non-Residents. This is also for the 2023-2024 academic year and based on a 31.5 credit hour program. If you need to take the bootcamp or the extended option there will be additional costs.

  • Indiana Resident – $23,193
  • Non-Resident – $44,131

The Business Foundation/Pre MSF Bootcamp has the following cost.

  • Indiana Resident – $4,434
  • Non-Resident – $8,358

There are graduate assistantships, fellowships and scholarships available to help bring the cost of attendance down. I encourage all applicants to inquire when applying about any financial aid available.

Career Outcomes

So I did not find a placement report or anything specific, but the school does include some information regarding salary and a handful of student comments along with their employer. This is a very well respected university and Kelley undergraduates have an investment banking program that puts kids on the street with regular fashion. I have zero doubt this program will open doors for you. I will email them to see if I can get better information for future posts.

  • Mean Base Salary – 2023 Graduates – $79,636

This is going to grow into one of the top programs in the US and I am very happy to see the full time, in person option become available. Stay tuned for more.


Here is a link to the Indiana University Masters in Finance Program



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