Johns Hopkins Masters in Finance Update – March 2023

The Johns Hopkins Masters in Finance program has been a continual favorite on this site for years and I realized it has been about 12 months since I last updated everyone on the program. That is far too long and after checking the schools website, I realized that there was a bunch of new information that I know all of you will be interested in reading about. Enjoy the far too long overdue update on this great MSF option.

Class Profile

The JHU MSF program has their most current class profile posted which I will compare to previous years. I think this comparison is handy, especially as we come out of the COVID era to show how schools have rebounded and grown. Below is the profile for the Class of 2022:

  • Average GMAT – 748
  • 52% Male / 48% Female
  • Average GPA – 3.58
  • International – 93%

So how does this compare to last year? GMAT and GPA are both higher, with the GMAT going up over 50 points. The ratio between men and women were pretty similar, with this class being slightly more male than last year. The JHU MSF is still predominantly international, but dropped a percentage point in 2022. The increase in GMAT scores was significant and is on the high end of GMAT averages for MSF programs.

DC Campus New Home

Looks like students getting their MSF and studying in Washington DC will have a new building to call home. It looks amazing and being on Pennsylvania Avenue, only steps away from the capitol.

“Located at 555 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, 555 Penn is a building designed for the academic needs of today and the future. This state-of-the-art Johns Hopkins building creates new opportunities for research, education, and public engagements, giving you the powerful combination of collaboration, learning, and the distinctive Johns Hopkins experience in the heart of the nation’s capital. In a time where dynamic learning is more important than ever, 555 Penn is designed to emphasize flexibility, allowing for greater response to the needs of multiple programs and emerging learning modalities. You’ll gain the resources and reputation you need to build for what’s next.”


The full time MSF program is coming up on its final admissions date. The last round to formally apply for this upcoming year is March 22, 2023. I do not know if they will allow rolling admissions after this. If you need more time I would definitely ask admissions. Those interested in the part time program have additional deadlines.

Tuition is $79,800 a year for the full time program. The part time MSF is $1,730 a credit hour. Both require 36 credit hours to graduate. Scholarships are available for qualified students.

Career Information

The Johns Hopkins Masters in Finance program has a career section and they include some salary data as well as a list of who is hiring JHU graduates. I don’t know if this data is only for one year, the most recent year or a compilation of a number of years. Either way, it is directionally helpful and does give you an idea of where alumni have gone to work.

  • Northeast – $80,188
  • Mid-Atlantic – $92,886
  • South – $120,467
  • West – $76,929

Asian has an average salary of $36,378. Please keep in mind the different cost of living, etc.

Students went into a variety of industries, much more diverse than you usually see from MSF programs. Accounting, Consulting, Healthcare, Media, Government, etc. Very granular. Hiring firms included Amazon, AT&T, E&Y, Geico, Johnson & johnson, JPMorgan, Proctor & Gamble, United Nations, Department of Defense, and Wells Fargo. Lots of big name firms and government roles, which makes sense considering the location of the DC campus.

I am glad I checked in on this MSF as there has been a lot of changes going on. Johns Hopkins continues to be a very popular MSF and it looks like the students who graduate are doing fairly well. I will keep on top of this program and try and update everyone a little more often going forward. Hope this helped.


Here is a link to the Johns Hopkins Masters in Finance Program



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