London Business School Update

London Business School

I wanted to post a quick update on the London Business School MiF program. The annual FT rankings just came out (I’ll post on that later this week) and the LBS MiF program has once again been ranked number one for post-experience programs. This is their fourth year ranked number one and I can’t see why they won’t be tops next year as well.

I am also attaching a new video that the London Business School put out regarding their MiF program and career placements. The video shows a variety of students and how LBS impacted their careers. I just watched it and found it pretty insightful.


The program boasts amazing placements year in and year out and a truly international experience. I personally think it has one of the best brands both internationally and also here in the US. Since this program is post-experience it would be better suited for someone looking for a focused graduate experience and looking to return back into their current field. Especially for someone who is considering working overseas at some point in their life.

I am going to work on getting some student reviews for everyone. I need to make an effort on expanding the international aspect of my site and I think this program would be a great one to start with. Stay tuned and I hope this is helpful!


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