Michigan State University Masters in Finance Update – October 2023

The Michigan State University Masters in Finance program is one of the newer MSF’s being offered, but the school has done a good job with building it out and it is fairly popular with applicants. It has been a while since I last wrote an update on this program so I figured the time is right for a refreshed overview. Enjoy!


This is a 30 credit hour, on campus, full time program that is STEM designated. The program begins in August and ends at the completion of the summer semester. Students must maintain a 3.25 GPA. There is flexibility in the classes you can pick so there is an element of customizability available. This MSF is also a CFA Partner Program so if you are interested in the CFA this MSF incorporates a large amount of the material.


Fairly standard admissions requirements (resume, references, essays, etc), but some things stood out.

  • 2 years work experience is recommended. It can be waived for strong applicants, but you probably should have some experience to have a successful application.
    • Note – this can include summer internships and part time work.
  • GMAT/GRE – Required along with minimum scores (GMAT – minimum of 600 / GRE -minimum of 310 verbal and quantitative) is required.
    • Current MSU undergrads with strong grades can ask to have this waived.


You can apply whenever you want, but below are the official deadlines:

  • First round deadline: February 1. Decision will be communicated by February 21.
  • Second round deadline: March 1. Decision will be communicated by March 20.


  • Tuition for the M.S. in Finance is currently $49,500 (for out-of-state students) or $45,000 (for in-state students) and covers tuition charges for credits and departmental fees.
  • 97% of students graduate debt free per the website. I would inquire about scholarships and financial aid. Definitely seems like a program not looking to straddle students with debt.

That is the update for now. I checked and couldn’t find placement information. I will email them and see if they have something. More to come.


Here is a link to the Michigan State University Masters in Finance Program


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