MIT Master of Finance Update – May 2023

It has been a little bit since I last wrote about the MIT Master of Finance program.The most recent placement report has been posted as well as the new class profile. Amazing as you would expect. This MSF gets a lot of interest and attention, which makes senses as this is one of the best universities in the US offering this specialized masters. Enjoy the update and I will make a note to myself to try and stay on top of this MSF program going forward.

Class Profile

MIT provides a comprehensive class profile for their MSF program. I cannot see if this is current year or not, but I feel comfortable that this is representative of the most recent reported class.

  • Class Size – 123 students
  • International – 93%
  • Average Work Experience – 16 months
  • Median GPA – 3.83
  • Median GRE
    • Verbal – 155-166
    • Quant – 166-170
  • Female – 47%

This is a very diverse MSF across the board. There are 23 countries represented and students came from a mixture of science/math, business, economics and engineering. The program is also fairly large. The GRE scores are towards the top of the range and I believe their GMAT was one of the highest out there when that was reported. In summary, this program is looking for very academically strong applicants.

2022 Career Report

The MIT Career report includes graduates of the 2022 class as well as interns. This is because there are two options for program length. Almost 100% of both reported their successes so these numbers include the entire program.

  • 100% of graduates seeking employment received an offer within 6 months of graduation
  • Median Base Salary – $110K
  • Geographic Placement – New York City (28.4%), Hong Kong (18.1%), Beijing (6.0%), and Boston (6.0%).
  • Industry Placement – Quantitative Research/Data Science (19.0%), IBD/Transactions Advisory (19.0%), Quantitative Trading – Research/Sales (17.2%), and Portfolio Management (8.6%)

Hiring firms include all of the top names on Wall Street. This program places students in every top investment bank, private equity, hedge fund, asset manager, etc. Both in the US and overseas. Obviously, the MIT brand is incredibly well respected everywhere and the program does an incredible job preparing its students for success upon graduation.

You can check out the full report here. Very comprehensive and includes a ton of data.


This is a world class STEM-certified MSF program. Students can choose between a 12-month accelerated program or an 18-month that allows an internship in the summer. There are four optional concentrations (financial engineering, impact finance, capital markets, or corporate finance), allowing students the ability to focus their education in an area of finance most important to them.

The application window for this current year is closed, but they will be starting the 2024 process very soon.

Tuition is as follows:

  • 18-Month (12-Month + Fall 2023) – Tuition: $118,470
  • 12-Month – Tuition: $86,300

​​​All costs are for the 2022–2023 academic year. The $3,000 deposit payment will be applied to the 2022 Fall Term Tuition. 

Note: MIT Sloan matriculates the most promising MFin candidates regardless of financial circumstances.

Impressive placements, as always, and a top notch class profile. This is an amazing MSF program for anyone who meets the standards of MIT. It makes me happy to see such an amazing university offering this degree and really shows the value and capability of a Master of Finance education.


Here is a link to the MIT Master of Finance Program


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