Niagara University Master in Finance Program

Niagara University Master in Finance

The Niagara University Master in Finance Program is another new program on the scene. This degree can be completed in a year with classes being held in the evening and on Saturday. Ideal for the working professional looking to increase their knowledge or skills, this degree can be completed without leaving work or relocating.

The program has two tracks (CFA or CFP) to focus on depending on your career goals and interests. This allows students to decide if they want to move towards being a financial analyst or focus more on wealth management. Since the university incorporates both signature designations for either path you should come out of this program well educated. An added benefit is that Niagara University is a CFA Partner Program which is the gold standard for masters in finance programs in my opinion.

For those looking for assistance financially, Niagara University offers a variety of  assistantships, scholarships,  or awards. This helps make the program affordable for many students. You can apply to these in conjunction with your MSF application.

Resources for admitted students include:

  • Standard & Poor’s Capital IQ
  • Thompson One Investment Management
  • Morningstar
  • SAS (Statistical Analysis System)
  • Stata
  • @Risk
  • FTS (Financial Trading Systems)
  • Monteagle Fund

MSF students can also take part in the annual CFA Investment Research Challenge and the Global Asset Management Program in New York City. Two great opportunities to gain tangible experience and showcase your knowledge.

When I was at Villanova I took part in the CFA Challenge and it was an amazing experience. Besides being able to network and interact with charter holders and professionals in the area, the knowledge you gain from analyzing a local company and putting together a thought out presentation is invaluable. Definitely something I put on my resume when I was a graduate student.

Niagara University Master in Finance Program


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