Oxford University Master in Finance Student Review

Here is a student review of the Oxford University Master in Finance program. I hope this helps anyone looking at the school or thinking of applying.


1) Why an MSF? Why Oxford?

An MSF because I wanted to make the switch to finance. I had interned at MBB + top F500 before. Also, coming from engineering, I wanted to develop an understanding of finance.

I chose Oxford because I am based in Europe and it’s basically the best degree here.

2) How did you like the program? Pros/Cons.

I loved the program. Pros were solid campus recruitment, Oxford brand name, cool teachers and the quality of my classmates (e.g. Joyce Meng).

Cons were limited. The cost, obviously ($50k+). You often had to travel to London for interviews (a mere 60 miles but hey). Actually, while a majority of my classmates were rockstars, we also had some Asian students with a more limited previous work experience/internships and a somewhat weaker command of English. Maybe the quality of OCR depends on the University as a whole rather than the competence of the business school’s careers service (which were sometimes lackluster).

3) Who would you recommend an Oxford MSF for?

I recommend the Oxford MFE to any student with already solid credentials trying to land a top gig in London. I think the most successful students came from good schools in Continental Europe but with limited exposure to London. They usually had good internships under their belt, albeit not always related to finance.

4) Whatever you want. Your time to comment on things in general.

I would do it again without a second thought. I received offers from the firms that are consider to be the best among the best and basically landed my dream job. Also, the Oxford experience is unique, very traditional but at the same time laidback and silly. Like many classmates, I rowed, played football/soccer, etc. The college system helps you mingle with people not interested in finance (which is always good). Plus, drinking age is 18!

Here is a link to the Oxford University Master in Finance program



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