Princeton Master in Finance 2011 Placement Stats

The Princeton University Master in Finance program is one of the best in the United States as well as the world. Their placement stats are phenomenal and continue to grow. Since this is also the only graduate business program at Princeton it gets all of the attention.

Here are 2011 placement stats. Very, very impressive.

2011 Placements, Full-time

  • AQR, Greenwich, Conn.
  • BNP Paribas, New York
  • Citi Quantitative Strategies, New York
  • GETCO, Chicago
  • Goldman Sachs Asset Management, London
  • Goldman Sachs Investment Banking, Hong Kong
  • UBS Japan
  • Goldman Sachs Securities New York
  • Goldman Sachs Investment Banking, Singapore
  • JPMorgan Fixed Income Sales, New York
  • Ministry of Finance, Singapore
  • Ministry of Finance, Singapore
  • Morgan Stanley Fixed Income Sales & Trading, New York
  • Morgan Stanley Strats, Interest Rates, New York
  • Morgan Stanley Sales & Trading, London
  • Nomura Resarch, Tokyo
  • OCBC Bank, Global Treasury Structured Products, Singapore
  • Proprietary Trading Firm, Chicago
  • Societe Generale, New York
  • Valinor Management LLC, New York
  • Quantitative Trading Hedge Fund, Greenwich, CT

2011 Placements, Internships

  • Barclays Capital Risk Management, New York
  • Citadel Investments, Chicago
  • Credit Suisse Sales & Trading, Hong Kong
  • Credit Suisse Sales & Trading, Singapore
  • Goldman Sachs Securities, Hong Kong
  • Goldman Sachs Securities, New York
  • JPMorgan Fixed Income, London
  • KAUST Investment Management, Arlington, VA
  • Citi, Market Quantitative Analysis, New York
  • Morgan Stanley Market Risk, New York
  • Soros Fund Management, New York


The program is a little heavy on the math compared to a traditional MSF and I feel as if the individuals who go into the program more often then not have experience or previous masters degrees. That being said, if you have the pre-requisite math skills then Princeton’s program is one of the best.

Here is a link to the Princeton University Master in Finance program


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