Purdue University Global Masters in Finance

The Purdue University Global Masters in Finance is a new addition to the MSF world and an expansion of Purdue’s MSF offering. The school has had a full time Masters in Finance for a number of years now, which has been pretty popular with students that I have talked to. The university is now offering this degree online, allowing students to receive a Purdue education anywhere in the world.

The program requires 56 credit hours to graduate and allows students two concentrations: Financial Analysis and Financial Planning. The degree is entirely online, making it one of only a handful of schools that provide this degree through this medium. There are three start dates (July 18th, September 5th, and October 17th), allowing students to apply and start throughout the year as their schedule permits.

Tuition is roughly $27,000 ($485 x 56 credits), but keep in mind that his doesn’t include a number of fees, etc. The nice thing about this program if Purdue has a number of discounts for veterans, Purdue alumni, Indian residents, etc. It also looks like you can transfer credits into the degree, shortening the duration and cost. More to follow on this point.

This program is new so it wasn’t easy for me to find their application requirements or other items that might be of interest. I am sure this will be updated as time goes on. End of the day, this is a Purdue degree, offered online, something only a small percentage of schools offer. The cost of the program is very reasonable, even more so if you qualify for any of their discounts. If you are working and looking to augment your education and enhance your career prospects, this might be of great interest to you. More information to come.


Here is a link to the Purdue University Global Masters in Finance Program


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