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With the Master in Finance application season in full swing I wanted to put a post talking about some of the services I now offer. For many of you all you need is a little guidance which I am always happy to provide free of charge, but for others there might be a need for something more comprehensive. If you are looking for this kind of help just let me know. I have helped applicants get into just about all the popular Master in Finance programs in the US and can speak on the topic in great detail.

If you are interested in discussing this further simply email me at and we can set up a time to speak and go over things.


Resume Review


I regularly get resumes to review and have done a lot of them by now. If anyone wants their resume redone for school or a new job my service will provide the following:

  • Free Consultation
  • Initial phone meeting to lay out desired industry, goals, objectives, etc
  • Resume reformatted, errors corrected, bullet points expanded on
  • Follow up phone call to discuss changes, added material and any additional needed changes
  • Continued email support

I believe in a high touch process. You will get feedback and be able to provide feedback through every step of the resume review. Turn around time is typically two weeks,  but accommodations can be made if timing is critical

$150 USD


Email me at the following to discuss this further:


References provided upon request


Admissions Consulting


For those students looking for help and advisory services with regards to Master in Finance admissions I am now offering my services. I’ve helped countless students in the past with their application and the admissions process and can add value to your package.

The following will be included for this service:

  • Which schools to apply, which program is the best fit and the relative strength of the applicants admission package
  • Essay and application review and assistance for up to 3 programs
  • Personal consultation throughout the entire process
  • Assistance in scholarship/fellowship applications


$500 USD

I will also combine this service with the above mentioned Resume Review for a reduced rate.


Why is this important? Besides the cost associated with needlessly applying to programs that do not meet your goals your application determines scholarship funding as well as fellowship opportunities. Putting your best foot forward is paramount.


Email me at the following to discuss this further:


References provided upon request


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