Reykjavik University Master in Finance

The Reykjavik University Master in Finance program allows you to specialize in corporate finance or investment management. It requires 30 credits as well as a thesis to for those who elect to pursue it. Working professionals can also get their master in finance at Reykjavik.

Here is a nice summary from their website:

Why a Master’s Degree at Reykjavik University?

In Business Master programmes at RU, various means are used to provide students with the preparation necessary for working in the business community or for pursuing further studies. Reykjavik University has the following strengths:

  • Strong ties with foreign universities. Courses in collaboration with schools such as Boston University are, for example, offered to students.
  • Ambition for cultivating strong ties with the business community.
  • Instructors are among the leading professionals and academics in their fields.
  • Energy and ambition among students.
  • Students are provided with excellent facilities and steps are taken to promote good morale among students.
  • Students are assisted in their efforts to develop strategic networks, both among themselves and with the business community.


Here is a link to the Reykjavik University Master in Finance program



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